Types Of Dog In India

Various types of dog in india are noticeable. Actually, in India there are many dog lovers. So, various types dogs are found in India.

Different types of dog in india are discussed below:


This type of dog is very small in size. It has long hairs all over it which are very much shaggy and harsh. But it’s not a fragile one. It can be considered as a little version of a terrier dog. The head is round and the body is squared. The chest of it is extremely deep.

Afghan Hound:

The dog too long in size. The head is little narrow than usual and the whole body is very silky. The jaws are very powerful. The color of the nose is black and it can be considered as a ‘Roman nose’. The eyes are dark and have the almond shape. The ears are also long and they lie flatly to head. It has a strong neck which is long enough.

Airedale Terrier:

This type of dog is used for hunting. It has a long body. It has a harsh coat and a flat head. The chest is deep enough. It has a bristly face which has resistance in dampness. The dog is balanced and the legs are strong and straight enough for good hunting. The teeth are strong too. The ear is V-shaped and can be folded. The nose is black.


The actual pronunciation is ‘A-KEEE-TA’. These are actually Japanese by origin. This one is so strong and has strong mussels. The head is heavy enough and also strong. The stop can be defined easily.

Alaskan Malamute:

This one is also a long and strong dog. The color is a mix of white and black. It has a double coat and the tail is plumed. It is the oldest type of dog not only in India but also in the whole world.

Basset Hound:

Among the types of dog in India, this one has really a big head. The ears are long and velvety.


This one small in size with a squared shape. The coat on the body is hard and close to the body and the length is medium. It has a round and broad skull. It also has a straight muzzle.

Bearded Collie:

The size of these is not too big or too small. The head is broad but the muzzle is short.


Among the various types of dog in India this can be considered as the strongest one for hunting. It is very powerful and has long muzzle. Especially, the back is too strong.

Boarder Terrier:

These are very small in size and has the double coat. The muzzle is short, the eyes are dark and the nose is black while the ears are small.


It has a compact body. The size of the head can vary with the size of the whole body.

These are not enough. Huge type of dogs can be found in India. So, we can say that there are huge types of dog in India.