Types Of Dog Harnesses

Having a pet dog keeps you on your toes but it is extremely necessary to know about the different types of dog harnesses. A dog is a man’s most loyal friend. They give you joy without expecting anything in return. But with all this, it is also important to have dog harnesses to keep them in control. You would not want your dog to go astray and wreak havoc!

The market offers different types of dog harnesses. The most important thing while buying a dog harness is its comfort and safety level for your dog. Dog harnesses these days are readily available online. One has to be alert enough to identify the best types of dog harnesses. A dog harness is worn with a collar and can be used as alternative equipment to a leash. The harness has a loop which goes around the torso of the dog with connecting straps for reinforcement. The benefit of using this from other types of dog harnesses is the very fact that such a harness distributes force equally and may prevent choking. This design allows for distribution of force which may prevent choking and a lower chance of slipping out than may be possible with only a collar. The use of harness is becoming popular among many pet owners- especially for those with smaller breed dogs.

There are front attaching harnesses which are of multiple types- easy walk harnesses, walk-in-sync harness or freedom harness. One can also get head halters like gentle leader and snootloop. It is sensible not to opt for a harness that hooks at the back. Premier Pet Easy Walk Harness surfaces as one the first front attach harnesses in the market. It brings his attention to your side and direction, thus making the dog turn away from the object of distraction. This harness is effective for dogs that require direction training.

The Walk-in-Sync harness is also a front-attaching harness which comes with a leash and basic training system. Its strap attaches between the front legs and over the back. Known to provide a better and effective control over the directions given to the dog as opposed to one provided by a collar. Compared to a Gentle Leader Harness, it provides comparatively less directional control. The types of dog harnesses do not end here. A Freedom Harness is also a front-attaching harness which has a lot of similarities with both the Easy Walk Harness and the Walk-in-Sync Harness. Its strap is across the front of the dog like the Easy Walk but a strap between the legs like the Walk-in-Sync. It provides great control over the dog and its movements. This harness comes with a leash that can be attached to the front and to the back of the dog. With each pull, the leash tightens the harness around the dog, thus giving you want you require.

Thus, these types of dog harnesses will help you control your dog better. You get control in a gentle and friendly manner!