Types Of Dog Fur

If you love dogs, then you must be able to identify the types of dog fur. You see, there are many different dog breeds and they are known to have different types of dog fur as well. Each of these types of dog fur will require a certain and special amount of attention and care. This is why it is best that you get to know them all so that you can take care of your beloved dog to the max.

The smooth coats are the types of dog fur that the Dachshunds and Bull Terriers have. These are basically furs that do not need a lot of grooming because they are smooth already. They are often known best need the use of bristle brushes too. You see, these are the types of dog fur that will be fine with bathing and brushing. As long as you are able to make sure that you are able to brush the dogs that have these coats regularly, then you will not have a problem with their coat for sure.

The double coats are the types of dog fur that demand a lot of grooming and TLC. You see when you say that the types of dog fur are double then it means that they are thick. There are dogs that have double coats that are long and there are others that are short. Examples of dogs that have these types of dog fur include the Chow Chows, Huskies, and Rottweiler among others. To care for these types of dog fur, make sure that you have a slick brush. If the dog has long double coats then try to separate them in parts to make sure that everything is brushed well.

The wire coats are the types of dog fur that are also known to be broken. This is because these are the furs that are known to need a lot of brushing and shampooing because they look like wires naturally. Make sure that you are able to prepare your stripping comb if you have dogs that have these coats. This will make the coat a little thinner so that you will be able to handle it easily and make them look good too.

The curly coats are types of fur that are, well, wavy and curly obviously. These are the coats of the Poodles and the Bichon Frises and many others. These are the coats that are soft and close to the body of the dogs. Therefore make sure that the brushes you prepare are soft so that the dogs will not get hurt if you brush those.

The long coats are the dog coats that are long and most commonly coarse too. This is why there are many different grooming methods that can be done to these dogs but most owners of these dogs prefer to just bring them to the professional groomers to be sure. Just make sure that you have a pin brush together with a bristle brush and carefully group them. This will make sure that the coat of the dog will be fine and they will look perfect for you to look at and hold.