Types Of Dog Food

Discover the types of dog food. Dogs are carnivorous animals and have strong and pointed teeth to chew raw meat. Dog food is defined as food that is suitable for dogs, which is usually a raw meat or bone. Dog food doesn’t have much variety like human food, but there are few types of dog food, which on the basis of nutrition and diet should be chosen. It is important to take care of your dog food as this pet can become very violent when he isn’t offered right type of dog food. Dog lovers devote much of their expenses on their dog food. Here are the types of dog food, which will help you to choose for your pet.

Dry Food:

Dry food is among the most economical types of dog food; it can be used over and over again and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It doesn’t get stale. It keeps your dog’s teeth strong, and he doesn’t find it difficult to chew. There is also a less probability of tarter in the dog’s teeth due to its crunchy nature. Dry dog food has less moisture, but little water can be added to make it little moist. There are different types of dry dog foods including kibbles, cereals and biscuits.

Canned Food:

Canned food is among those types of dog food, which have high moisture, commonly known as wet food. They are cooked on high temperature and are sealed under high pressure. This type of dog food is widely available on every super store, but it’s little expensive. But, this type of dog food is worth an expense as it contains high proteins for your pet. It’s not necessary that every canned food is beneficial for your dog; it depends on the nutrients of a canned food. Each brand varies from other on the basis of nutrients and benefits, it is important to make a smart choice while buying wet dog food.

Semi- Moist:

Semi moist types of dog food have been referred to that food which is called as fast food for humans. These are those kinds of food which humans eat like burgers, meaty chips, pork etc. This type of dog food is not very good for the dog’s health and should be offered occasionally. It doesn’t contain any nutrition which is good for your pet’s diet. It contains artificial flavors and colors.

Home Cooked:

Home cooked food for dogs have lots of advantages; owner chooses the proper ingredient for his pet and cooks it well according to the health and diet of dog. It may take some time and cost, but it is best for your pet. An extra effort made by owner is worthy enough if he makes sure that his pet consumes every kind of nutrients good for him.


Raw food is one of the types of dog food which comes as a first priority in your mind when you give it thinking. It included raw bones and raw meat. Raw food contains high phosphorus and calcium, and it is very good for the pet’s health. It is important to feed your dog with raw food along with other types of dog food.