Types Of Dog Fences

Go to any house with a dog and you would see different types of dog fences. The fences may be used to keep the dog in or to keep guests out because of the fact that the dog’s nature may be such but for every dog a different type of dog fence is used which is why you would come across different types of dog fences no matter where you go in the world. The type of dog the owner has determines the types of dog fences he would use.

Wooden fences are perhaps the most common of all types of dog fences and these are, as obvious by the name, made of wood. They can help keep in larger dogs and prevent them from being able to climb out and they also have pointed tips which would be useful against anyone who tries to enter in order dogs that try to go out. These can be placed close together and if you would rather a taller fence, you could get those made or you can go for shorter ones but most dog owners prefer taller ones since they help keep the dog in and other people out. The main disadvantage is that they tend to rot and get spoiled in humid climates.

Then, there are chained fences that usually consist of many posts that are chain together and the chains themselves are quite big so that even if someone tries to push in or if your dog tries to push the fence outward, neither would successfully be able to do so. The fences are durable and long-lasting and do an excellent job in keeping unwanted visitors out and keeping dangerous and/or very large dogs in. So it’s a win-win case.

There are those types of dog fences where the posts are organized and made to stand in a row together and there are small and tiny bits of wire mesh to hold the posts in place. They are not as effective (or as expensive) as the chained fences but they are good temporary alternatives and it would be better to use them if you have dogs that are not too temperamental since these can still break down easily. These are not long-lasting but would help keep intruders away. If you’ve got a temperamental dog, trespassers’ lives could be at danger!

Split rail fences are also types of dog fences that could be used to keep dogs in but there is one disadvantage to them- dogs that creep and crawl out from underneath cannot be kept in at all. The wooden adjacent posts of these types of dog fences are held together in place by wooden bars though. You could always use wire meshes to prevent the dog from crawling out but it would be better to go for something else because these can harmful for dogs that do tend to get curious and hyper and want to go out.

The chained fences tend to be the best types of dog fences of the ones mentioned above.