Types Of Dog Collars

A dog collar is a very essential item and there are different types of dog collars available in the market. This is an item which makes an easy handling. Not only handling, but also there are lots more other things in which these dog collars serving some other important functions and one of the best is the identification tag. This tag has the name of the dog, owner’s name, the address. This identification tag is a great help in case if the dog gets lost. This will help the owner to trace the dog easily. Collars have become a part of a fashion statement and there are different types of dog collars are now available in the market with various features. They are now available in various colors, designs and decorations. This means, an individual does not have to settle down with the same old plain collar models.

Basically, the main purpose of these collars is to handle the dogs but now the makers are bringing them in various styles. Now, they are used in the combination with harness which is helpful in assisting the dogs. These leashes or harnesses are very easy to tackle and they are attached with the collar in such a manner that they do not discomfort the dog in any way. Not only easy but they also move very quickly. This feature is included in some types of dog collars which are designed especially for those dogs which are tough to handle and quite hostile.

There are plenty of designs available in the market and their cost depends on the dog’s size, material used in its manufacturing, and the preference of dog owner. When it comes to the material then the types of dog collars also depend on the material which they are made from. They are made from different types of materials like leather, hemp, and nylon. The manufacturers also use Polyester in the manufacturing. As such, there is a huge variety of dog collars an individual can find out in the market but the most common types of dog collars is the buckle collars. In the manufacturing of these types of dog collars, mostly, manufacturers use leather, nylon, and hemp and look like the belts for the men. This is the collar which can be worn by the dog of any size. It has a number of holes in it which makes it possible that it can be adjusted to any size.

It is one of the most common forms of dog collars with a number of modifications in the design. The modifications like the breakaway collars that break free if too much strength is used. There are also some other types of collars available like flea collars. This type of collar is laced with the chemicals that can repel the fleas.

Stud collars, safety stretch collars, training collars, martingale collars, flat collars, slip collars and some more types of collars are there which initially were designed in order to prevent your dog from being bitten by other dogs. But now, they all have become a fashion accessory.