Types Of Dog Breeds

What are the types of dog breeds?

Across the globe there exist very many types of dog breeds since it’s one of the man’s favorite pet. They are quite friendly and can easily be trained and offer the best companion. Other than the security they provide to man, they can also be sent and used by police officers as sniffer dogs or in rescue operations. They have proved to be very useful since their domestication by early man as history suggests.

Due to the significant role in human life, scientist has developed various types of dog breeds through the knowledge of genetic engineering. In fact there are more than 150 species of dogs in the world today. For the purpose of this article, we are going to analyse different types of dog breeds that are available and are considered most popular.

Firstly, it is imperative to realize that all types of dog breeds have a specific purpose, for instance, there are those types of breeds that are useful for companion, hunting dogs breeds, guard dogs, working dogs, and herding dog breeds. Moreover, there are other breeds such as registered breeds, traditional, rare breeds, and new breeds that are still under development programs.

American bulldog is among the different types of dog breeds that are popular with man. This is because it has powerful and athletic sort of characters, which is marked by a sturdy bone frame and powerful muscles. These unique features makes these types of dog breeds to very strong, great in endurance, fearless, and are quite alert. In most cases, males are generally bigger than the females and also males weigh more than what bitches weigh.

The other most admired types of dog breeds, are the boxer, this is because of their fun loving and prayerful trait. Moreover, boxers’ are known to be quite friendly and patient, for instance, it is the only breed of dog that can show their emotional feelings through the act of eye twinkling. This makes communication between these types of dog breeds and man much easier. Just like their counterparts, the male boxers have both extra weight and height than their females’ dogs.

The other types of dog breeds in this list is the German shepherd, they are known to be very noble in appearance and character. Moreover, it has a special feature of being the most courageous dog and that it has considerable good senses.

Both males and females have an average weight of 75-95 lbs. but they differ in height where males have a greater height than the female ones.

Chinese crested are other interesting types of dog breed. They resemble toys and lovable. They are very entertaining, lively and always seem to be “very happy” They do not shed their hair and can always be identified by sitting on raised places e.g. tree branches. The only disadvantage they have is that they are hard to train as they take a lot of time to learn new tricks.

The last types of dog breeds in this list are the Black Russian Terrier. They are very friendly types of dog breeds which shades no hair, very friendly although very distrustful to strangers. They are powerful and very courageous and thus offer maximum protection. They are very intelligent as well and easily learn new tricks.