Types Of Dog Bones

The types of dog bones do not really matter as much as the reminders that you should not forget when feeding your beloved dogs. You see, there may be different types of dog bones but depending on the dog, there are some of them that cannot be fed to them and there will be some that won’t be good. So here are a few tips on how to effectively give your dogs the types of dog bones that they can enjoy.

The first tip will be to make sure that your dog can consume any types of dog bones. You see, there are dogs that are small – tiny as a matter of fact – that cannot chew bones. Breeds such as pugs, bulldogs and shitzus cannot chew any types of dog bones so make sure that you do not expose them to any types of dog bones.

There are also proper times in feeding the types of dog bones. If you have a large dog then they can most likely chew bones. Make sure that you give them the bones after their full meal. This way, they will not ingest too much of the bone. You see, when this happens the dog can get constipated and there can be serious problems related to that.

If you really want to feed your dogs any types of dog bones, first make sure that they are of the right size to your god. Avoid the bones that are broiled, baked or barbecued as these kinds will make bone brittle. Make sure that you do not feed your dogs chicken and T bones too as they can cause obstruction.

Raw types of dog bones are known and proven to be more nutritious for the dogs. However, make sure that you get bones from good sources such as supermarkets and meat markets. You see, there will be times that there will be bacteria and fungi attached to the bones. In these cases, the bacteria, viruses, and fungi can end up hurting your dogs and of course this will not be good.

If you really want to feel any of the types of dog bones to your dogs, make sure that you supervise them well. Make sure that you are present while your dog chews on their bones. This way, you can take action when something bad happens to the dog. At worst cases, bones can fracture the upper molars of the dogs and you do not want that. If this happens, make sure that you choose the bones and get your dog checked by your vet to make sure that they are always healthy and happy.

If your dog likes to chew on things, their teeth can be weakened already. In these cases, make sure that you do not feed them any bones as they can damage their teeth severely. Indeed, getting to know these tips will help you a lot in keeping your dog happy and healthy – and maybe even eat the right kinds of bones one day too.