Types Of Dog Aggression

Any animal can get aggressive and this aggression could get triggered for any reason and if you notice a dog too gets aggressive over different things and so there are different types of dog aggression. Barking, growling and baring of the teeth are examples of some of the things a dog does out of aggression but the dog’s aggression in response to a situation depends upon the thing, event or person that makes him/her aggressive in the first place. A dog may not always snarl all the time. It may whimper and then bark. This too is dependent about the types of dog aggression that the dog feels at the time.

The first of the various types of aggression your dog may exhibit is due to fear. This is why it is known as fear-motivated aggression. In some cases the dog may react by biting but in others it may simply bark and then, be alright if you pet it, for example. The dog feels threatened because of which he reacts in a particular way and feels aggressive. Your friend may call your dog and if it hasn’t seen him/her the dog may growl or snarl at first because it is not used to the new person before him seeing as how it has never come across him/her in the past.

Another of the various types of dog aggression is protective aggression. Take the previous example of a friend that your dog has never met. If you were to meet your friend who came forward to hug you, your dog may start barking or growling at him/her. In other cases if your dog has a ball that your friend picks up out of genuine curiosity, your dog may start growling at him/her because dogs can be very possessive about their things.

The most misunderstood of the various types of dog aggression is redirected aggression. Have you ever been in such a mood because of something but vented it out on someone else because you couldn’t control the circumstances that caused you to feel this way initially? That is how dogs can operate where this type of aggression is concerned- your dog may not be able to reach whatever it is that has made him/her aggressive and so, he will take his aggression out on someone else like you or on to another dog as well.

These are just examples of some of the various types of dog aggression. Think of a dog as you would of yourself- if someone randomly came up to you and took your mobile, you may get alarmed and tell them to return your phone to you. Or you may be a bit careful around someone you have just met or come across. The difference is that a dog’s aggression would be more violent, obviously and one that it cannot control, being an animal. Now analyze your dog’s behavior and you will see that your dog reacts in the manner that it does because the same thoughts that run through your mind are running through dog’s head too.