Types Of Diseases For Kids

The children can be affected by various types of diseases. The patients should be aware of the types of diseases for kids as this can make long term affect to them. The body of the kids is not much resistant. So, they need huge care to be safe from the diseases which are just ready to attack them.

All the diseases don’t attack the kids. The types of diseases for kids discussed below:

Chicken Pox:

The affected kid has red spots all over of its body specially in the face, arms and legs. The child is also affected by fever. If it can be identified at an early stage then it may be prevented. The fact is that the more the age of the kid, the severe the attack is.

Different treatments are required in different periods. At the early stages calamine lotions or the antihistamines can be applied. The Paracetamols can be prescribed to reduce the fever. Also the antiviral medicines can be prescribed if the condition is too severe.

Whooping Cough:

This is one of the most common types of diseases for kids. The Whooping Cough is such a disease which can be caused because of the attack of bacteria. It can affect the respiratory system of the human body. Fever is an indication of this problem. Nasal discharge is another one. The sufferer may have vomiting too because of excessive coughing. The condition becomes severe as night.

For proper recovery, fresh air is required. Antibiotic is often prescribed in this case. To prevent the vomiting tendency, the child can be prescribed for small meals with more frequency as a large one can cause vomiting.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Vaccination for this problem is available almost all over the world. So, the vaccination should be taken at the age between 3 to 4 years.

Fifth Disease:

The symptoms are similar to the flu. This can be occurred because of the Parvovirus B19. After the attack, red specks can be found firstly on the cheeks. But, it spread to the arms, necks and other areas of the body. The duration may be 14 days. The age of the victim is in the range 4 to 12.

The interesting thing is that there is almost no treatment for this disease. This disease can disappear suddenly.

One thing should be kept in mind that a pregnant woman should not stay in touch of the kids who are the victims of this disease as it can result miscarriage.

Three day fever:

This is another one among the types of diseases for kids. The victims are often below three. The symptom is fever for 12 to 14 hours per day and it lasts for just three days. In this case, the child should be kept in safe from warm. So, the guardians should undress the child. The victims should keep a safe distance from other child.

Hand, foot and mouth disease:

The victims are attacked by sever fever for some days. The victim should have sufficient liquids during the fever.

So, the guardians should be very careful about the different types of diseases for kids.