Types Of Dance Genres

There are various types of dance genres and if you look at movies or go to dance class or if you use the internet to look these up you would see that there is a lot of difference in the various kinds of dances that are shown and seen. These all may vary from culture to culture, city to city and country to country but they are all certain types of dance genres that exist in the world of today. Even in every category there are types of dance genres.

The Moon Walk is one of the many types of dance genres that, as everyone knows, was made famous by the late Michael Jackson. The dance involves the gliding of the feet in a particular manner on the floor because of which certain types of shoes must be worn from it and the movement of the upper body seems kind of disjointed from that of the lower half. It is a very complicated dance genre and no one can do it as well as its originator- Michael Jackson. Many have tried to imitate the steps and dance genre but it is extremely difficult to master. This is one of the types of dance genres that is a genre of its own.

The next of the various types of dance genres is the Rock n Roll and Rockabilly style of dancing in which country style dancing is combined with the rock n roll elements in order to dance in a particular manner. One of the types of dances that come under these types of dance genres is the Philly Bop where there is a double-step, double step and then, step-step pattern. It is a six step dance style and the partners hold hands and move in a coordinated manner as well.

Then are those types of dances genres that the Balboa style comes under and these are known as the Swing genres. It is more of a shuffle dance. The dance was initially made in South California and it involves close movement of the bodies which also need to be very close to one another for a synchronized and coordinated dance. Less space is need for this dance and it is something that only a dancer can do- a spectator cannot because the movements of these types of dances that comes under these types of dance genres are very complicated.

The Hip Hop is also one of the various types of dance genres which is much more modern than the rest of the dances mentioned above. It was made and discovered in the US and nowadays, many dancers use the dances under these types of dance genres, blended with other dances, in order to make and choreograph and dance. Many dances are associated with the hip hop culture and the genre itself is the result of a mixture of different types of dances.

These are some types of dances that come under some types of dance genres today though there are many others of different origins.