Types Of Creative Careers

If you love media arts, fashion, cuisine, or design, there are several types of creative careers you can choose to concentrate on to fulfill your passion and dreams. It is not enough to have passion for these things because you also need to be armed with a certificate if you are to succeed in this field. With a portfolio and a school degree, you are definitely going to have load of options when selecting a creative career. Below are the different types of creative careers you can decide to concentrate.

Graphic Design: Graduates in graphic design involve themselves with art careers like web designing, illustrators, desktop publishing, animating, and advertising design. Experienced graduates in these types of creative careers can climb up the ladder by becoming an art director.

Illustration & Design

There are lots of career options in these types of creative careers, including entertainment industry, advertising design, medical or scientific illustration, storyboarding, fashion, narrative, animation, and editorial illustration. There are equally so many places to work and an illustration designer such as in design studios, publishing environments, in-house and corporate art departments, and advertising agencies.

Video Production and Digital Filmmaking:

These types of creative careers vary greatly and range from pure creative careers such as video or television producer to technical careers like dimmer board operator and lightning technicians. Several film graduates begin their careers at the entry level positions as production assistants.

Game and Visual Programming:

As a game or visual programmer, you will study and follow career paths in any of the following: game tester, sound designer, game designer, or level programmer.


For an advertising job in this field, you will be required to study to work in advertising agencies as assistant copy writer or assistant art director. These types of creative careers require a sound knowledge in advertising.

Visual Effects and sound engineers

Those who have knowledge in these types of creative careers can work in visual effects, post-production, or broadcasting industries. Employment opportunities abound for people who want to pursue this career. They can work as visual effect supervisors, motion designers, visual effect artists, and motion graphic artists.

Fashion Design:

This is one of the most common types of creative careers in the industry. There are lots of career options available in the fashion design field such as trend researcher, specialty designer, spec and fit technician, sewer, exhibit designer, pattern maker, pattern grader, cutter, sketcher, and trend artist. Though some of these careers do not require a graduate degree, having it will give you opportunity to take up more advanced roles in the industry.

Game Design:

The most basic position in this career path is to become a game tester. After this level, the individual can graduate to programming, management, artistic, and other advanced roles.

Fashion Management:

These are for graduates that want to be involved in fashion merchandising jobs, leading to the presentation of fashion to the public. There are several tasks in the fashion management filed, including marketing, advertising, setting up store displays, managing retail outlets, negotiating with vendors, buying apparel, and attending fashion shows for more exposure.