Types Of Computer Virus

What are the different types of computer viruses? A virus is a harmful element that can destroy the normal functions of the body. When it comes to information technology or computer technology, there are also viruses. These are harmful programs that are made to disrupt the normal computer functions. Much like human viruses, computer viruses should never be considered harmless. One way or the other, they will affect all or any of the components of the system – and this is never good. There are many different types of computer virus that one should know. This is important as there are types of computer virus that can hide itself very well that one will not even suspect it was there.

The first of the many types of computer virus are the memory resident virus. These are viruses that are, well, resides in the memory. These viruses are smart, as they are able to place themselves on the memory of the computer. They get activated when the computer runs, and infects files that are accessed. These types of computer virus hide in the RAM. They stay there and takes control over the memory which they allocate blocks in the memory so they can run.

The second of the many types of computer virus are the direct action viruses. The main function of these types of computer virus is to replicate. When they are executed, the files that are infected go and infect more other files. They infect pretty much all kinds of files, even those that are found on external devices such as flash drives and pen drives. The viruses that are considered direct action change their location constantly. They corrupt files and render them useless. To make sure that your computer does not get direct action viruses, install an antivirus and scan your unit right away.

Overwrite viruses are among the types of computer viruses that deletes the information of the files that are infected. They are usually overwritten, so to speak. Therefore, the files will no longer be of any use. These types of computer virus often hide in the files they infect. They do not change the file size, so it can be hard to detect. The only way that you can clean files infected by the overwrite virus is to delete them. Even when you have your antivirus detect them, they cannot do anything with it.

Boot sector viruses are types of computer virus that affect and attack the boot sector of hard drives. The boot sector is the part of the hard drive is the part that lets the computer boot. These viruses hide in the memory of the computer. When the computer is turned on, or booted, the virus gets to work and infects other boot files that are present.

Macro virus, lastly, are types of computer virus that are found attacking files comprising of macros. Some of these files are .doc, .pps, .mdb, .xls, and many others. These viruses automate the different functions of the types of files. They hide in the documents that they infect, and can only be cured via deleting them.