Types Of Computer Servers

There are many types of computer servers available for businesses and webmasters. A server is mainly used as a network which manages applications, websites, and database of various internet and intranet users. They usually have high memory storage that helps to organize several computer files. Below are some of the most popular types of computer servers available to users.

Proxy server

This type of server provides information for two types of computers. It serves as a link between a computer that seeks for information and another that provides the required data. The information seeking computer would normally request for web pages, applications, and assess to connections from the proxy server. The server then uses file filter to receive the information, process it, collects the required information from the second computer, and then sends the required data to the first computer. This type of computer server is efficiently used in manufacturing processes and it helps in the fast delivery of service.

Print Server

The print server is usually used in large offices with many computers that require printing of documents. The server is connected to all the network computers within the network range either through cables or through a wireless network. The print server gathers information from any of the computers and executes the command through the printer.

Chat servers

Chat servers are used to regulate the frequency of emails sent to workers or customers. The system is made up of a mail transfer protocol which enables the server to operate as an inbound retrieval server and an outbound client. There is a filter that restricts communication which ensures formality and confidentiality of conversations. When buying this kind of server, especially refurbished ones, ensure that this filter is functioning properly in order to secure your data over the network. A chat server is not only used for exchange of emails, it is equally used to enable communication among several users. This allows people to receive and send information immediately over the network.

Media server

As one of the most popular types of computer servers, media servers are used basically for streaming of video clips, movies, audio, and music. This server enables users to create and distribute files easily and at a very high speed. With this type of server, users are able to listen to music or watch movies online from websites. This is quite different from actual downloading of the files where the user is required to wait until the file is completely downloaded. With the media servers, files can be transferred from the host computer to the user computer instantly while the user is making use of the file.

Fax servers

Fax servers control the transfer of hard documents from one computer to the other irrespective of the distance between the two computers.

These are the types that allow companies to fax hard copies of documents.

Groupware servers

This type of server allows members within an intranet group to work together and form a virtual team.

-News servers are basically used to manage Usenet articles. These articles can be assessed by anyone from any part of the world. Currently, there are more than 14 thousand newsgroups in Usenet which are assessed by millions of people each day.

The above are the most common types of computer servers for computer users, internet users and webmasters.