Types Of Chocolate

What are the different types of chocolate? Chocolates are pretty much one of the most favorite sweets of many people. They are of different brands, makes, and the like. There are also different types of chocolate. They are named after the main taste that they give you when you eat them.

The basic types of chocolate are the cacao. The cacao is where chocolate are derived from. These are the purest kinds of chocolate, really. They are sold roasted and some are sold raw. There are some cacaos that are sold as a whole bean. However, there are some that are sold as ground and are in bits.

Chocolate liquor is among the types of chocolate that are a step higher than cacao. They are basically cacao beans that are grinded into liquid pastes. No sugar, no nothing is added here. However, these types of chocolate contains somewhere around 52% fat from cocoa butter.

Next we have the unsweetened chocolates. These are types of chocolate that are basically chocolate liquor that is hardened. These are the types of chocolate that are used in baking and are the primary types that are used to make more kinds of chocolate.

The bittersweet chocolates are chocolates that contain 35% liquor. Sugar and cocoa butter are also added here. The bittersweet chocolates are basically your types of chocolate that are dark. There are also bittersweet chocolate that are meant to be used in baking.

We also have the sweet chocolate. These are types of chocolate that have 15% of chocolate liquor. It also has sugar and cocoa butter that differ in amounts, depending on the make of the chocolate. Some people mistake them with bittersweet. The main difference of these types of chocolate is that they are less concentrated than the bittersweet.

White chocolates are types of chocolate that are, well, white. They are composed of 14% of milk and 20% of cocoa butter. Professionals do not consider white chocolate as a type of chocolate because it doesn’t really contain chocolate liquor.

Ground Chocolate are kinds of chocolate that are, well, powdered. They are your normal cocoa beans that are ground to be in powder form. Most of the time, these are the kinds of chocolates that are used in making drinks as they are concentrated and very tasteful. Baking chocolates are chocolates that are used in baking. They can be bittersweet as they can also be unsweetened. The thing is that baking chocolates can be pretty much anything, but they are the raw form of whatever kind of chocolate that they are.

Chocolate coatings are chocolates that are based in vegetable fats. They are mainly used to coat more different types of food and desserts. However, keep in mind that these are not true chocolates. Therefore, make sure that you choose the chocolate coatings that you buy.

Cocoa butter is the fat that is expelled from the pressing of chocolate liquor to expel fat. They are used in many different chocolates as they are very tasty. Also, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics have begun the use of these.