Types Of Cells Somatic

There are different types of cells somatic which can be found all over the body. Somatic cells are all cells in the body that are not sex cells. So, apart from the ova and sperm cells, other undifferentiated stem cells and gametocytes are somatic cells. They are found in connective tissues, blood, bones, and internal organs skin.

The following are the different types of cells somatic

1. Bone cells: these are mostly found in the bones and are regarded as the strongest cells in the body. They are attached together by phosphate and calcium material. Bone cells are responsible for supporting the body tissues and serve as framework for the formation of the skeletal system

2. Cartilage cells: They perform similar roles as the bone cells but are flexible and loose in comparison. They can be easily twisted and are found in parts of the body like the joints, spinal bones, between leg bones, and in the ear.

3. Nerve cells: These are the longest of all types of cells somatic in the human body. They are very special and cannot be reproduced in the body. Nerve cells are found in the spinal cord and brain and are the main constituents of the nervous tissue.

4. Epithelial cell: They play peripheral roles by providing cover to other cells and organs. This is why they are found in the buccal cavity, the scalp, and the skin.

5. Muscle cells: These ones are equally long and are found in the muscle tissue. Muscle cells aid movement and are divided into three basic types: smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscles.

There are other types of cells somatic found in the body. Below is a list of other somatic cells.

Types of cells somatic – hormone secreting cells

* Anterior pituitary cells

o Corticotropes

o Gonadotropes

o Lactotropes

o Somatotropes

o Thyrotropes

o secreting vasopressin

o secreting oxytocin

* Types of cells somatic – respiratory and gut tract cells

o secreting bombesin

o secreting cholecystokinin

o secreting endorphin

o secreting gastrin

o secreting glucagon

o secreting insulin

o secreting secretin

o secreting serotonin

o secreting somatostatin

* types of cells somatic – Parathyroid and Thyroid gland cells

o Oxyphil cell

o parafollicular cell

o Parathyroid chief cells

o thyroid epithelial cell

Types of cells somatic – epithelial cells

* Cortical hair shaft cells

* Cuticular hair root cells

* Cuticular hair shaft cells

* Epidermal basal cells

* Epidermal keratinocytec

* External hair root cells

* Hair matrix cells

* Keratinocyte of toenails and fingernails

* Medullary hair cells

* Nail bed basal cells

Wet stratified barrier epithelial cells[edit source | editbeta]

Types of cells somatic – Nervous system cells

These are known as neurons and are made of cytoplasm and nucleus. Thye include

* Vestibular apparatus cells

* Taste bud supporting cells

* Schwann cells

* Satellite glial cells

* Outer pillar cells

* Outer phalangeal cells

* Olfactory epithelium cells

* Inner pillar cells

* Inner phalangeal cells

* Hensen cells

* Enteric glial cells

* Border cells

Glial and Central neuron cells

* Anterior epithelial cells

* Astrocyte

* Crystallin fiber cells

* Neuron cells

* Oligodendrocyte cell

* Spindle neuron cell