Types Of Cells Of The Human Body

The different types of cells of the human body combine to help our body organs and systems perform effectively. They are found in different parts of their body and are very active s they play varying roles in the body. The following are the different types of cells of the human body based on the body system they are found:

Types of cells of the human body – Hormone secreting cells

* Magnocellular neurosecretory cells

* Anterior pituitary cells

o Corticotropes

o Gonadotropes

o Lactotropes

o Somatotropes

o Thyrotropes

* Gut and respiratory tract cells

o secreting bombesin

o secreting cholecystokinin

o secreting endorphin

o secreting gastrin

o secreting glucagon

o secreting insulin

o secreting secretin

o secreting serotonin

o secreting somatostatin

* Intermediate pituitary cells

– Adrenal gland cells

– Corpus luteum cells

– Juxtaglomerular cells

– Leydig cell of testes

– Macula densa cell of kidney

– Mesangial cell of kidney

– Parathyroid gland cells

– Peripolar cell of kidney

– Theca interna cells

– Thyroid gland cells

– chromaffin cells

– Granulosa lutein cells

– Parathyroid chief cell

– secreting steroid hormones

– Theca lutein cells

* Cortical hair shaft cell

* Cuticular hair shaft cell

* Epidermal basal cells

* Epidermal keratinocyte cell

* External hair root sheath cell

* Hair matrix cells

* Hair root sheath cells

* Keratinocyte of toenails and fingernails

* Medullary hair shaft cells

* Nail bed basal cells

Types of cells of the human body – Wet stratified epithelial cells

* Surface epithelial cells

* basal cells

* Urinary epithelium cell

Types of cells of the human body – Nervous system cells

* Touch-sensitive neurons

* Retina cells

* Proprioceptive sensory neuron

* Pain-sensitive sensory neurons

* Olfactory receptor neurons

* Merkel cell of epidermis

* Heat-sensitive neurons

* Cold-sensitive neurons

* Basal cell of olfactory epithelium

* Auditory hair cell

* Auditory cell of Corti

Types of cells of the human body – Autonomic neuron cells

* Adrenergic neural cells

* Cholinergic neural cells

* Peptidergic neural cells

Peripheral neuron and Sense organ cells

* Vestibular apparatus cells

* Taste bud cells

* Schwann cells

* Satellite glial cells

* Outer pillar organ of Corti

* Outer phalangeal organ of Corti

* Olfactory epithelium cells

* Inner pillar organ of Corti

* Inner phalangeal organ of Corti

* Hensen cell of Corti

* Enteric glial cells

* Border cell of Corti

Types of cells of the human body – Storage and Metabolism and storage cells

* Adipocytes

* Brown fat cell

* Hepatocyte cells

* Liver lipocyte

* White fat cell

Types of cells of the human body – Contractile cells

* Heart muscle cells

* Intermediate skeletal muscle cells

* Myoepithelial cell of iris

* Myoepithelial cells

* Nodal heart muscle cell

* nuclear muscle chain cells

* nuclear muscle spindle cells

* Ordinary heart muscle cell

* Purkinje fiber cell

* Red skeletal muscle cells

* Satellite cells

* Skeletalex muscle cells

* Smooth muscle cell

* White skeletal muscle cells

Types of cells of the human body – Immune system and blood cells

* B cells

* Basophil granulocytes

* Connective tissue macrophage cells

* Cytotoxic T cells

* Dendritic cells

* Eosinophil granulocytes

* Epidermal Langerhans cells

* Erythrocytes

* Helper T cells

* Hybridoma cells

* Mast cells

* Megakaryocytes

* Microglial cells

* Monocytes

* Natural Killer T cells

* Neutrophil granulocytes

* Osteoclast cells

* Reticulocytes

* Suppressor T cells