Types Of Cells In Our Body

The cells are the most basic components of the human body and this is why it is crucial that we know the many types of cells in our body. You see, as small and tiny as they are they can do wonders for your body. This is why there are many people who make sure that they are able to get to know these types of cells in our body so that they can always keep it healthy.

The epithelial types of cells in our body are the ones that form the covering or skins of the other types of cells in our body. Basically, they are also responsible for creating the first layers of covering for all the organs of the body. This is why these are seen in the scalp, skin, and other surfaces.

The blood types of cells in our body are the ones that compose, well, the blood. There are three types of blood cells that each play a vital role in making our body function. The red blood cells, which make our blood red, are the ones that transport oxygen to our entire body. The white blood cells are the ones that fight bacteria, virus, and fungi that get inside our body. The thrombocytes are the ones that make sure that our blood will clot. These types of cells in our body are known to have limited life spans and they do not multiply to make new ones.

The adipose types of cells in our body are those that are called fat cells. This is because they are the ones responsible for making the body store fat. They are also the ones responsible for reducing friction. This is why they are most commonly seen in the palm, bums, and soles.

The muscle types of cells in our body are the ones that are able to move around by contracting and relaxing. They are the ones that provide movement to out body and there are three major kinds of them that you should learn. The skeletal muscles are the ones in the bones. The cardiac muscles, on the other hand, are the one that are found in the heart and makes it beat. While the smooth muscles are the ones that help the stomach move food from it and bring them to the gut.

The cartilage types of cells in our body are the ones that surround the bones. They are flexible and loose. And they are also freely bendable. The most common cartilages that can be found in our body can be found in our ear bone, which makes them foldable. They can also be found in the middle of huge bones. Examples of places where cartilages are found in big bones include the middle of the ribs, joints, and even in spinal bones. To make our body function, all these cells should function right. This is why it is very important for you to get to know them really well to be able to make sure that they are healthy and that your body is functioning well.