Types Of Cells Found In Epidermis

There are three types layers can be found in a human body which are epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous. Among these, different types of cells found in epidermis. The ‘Epidermis’ has come from a Greek word. The meaning of this word is ‘Over’ or ‘upon’. Epidermis is the peak layer found on the skin. This layer is considered as the one that can be feel or touched and also can be felt. Their actual job is to protect the outer skin. Actually, this one is found in the most outside of the skin. It can regulate the water body atmosphere.

The Epidermis is made of minimum four to maximum five layers. These layers are translucent layer, cornified layer, spinous layer, granular layer, germinal layer or basal layer.

In epidermis, there four types of cells can be found. These are discussed below:


In epidermis, there are three payers can be found. These are the keratinocytes, stratum corneum, and the basal layer. Kerintocytes can be seen into the deepest layer. Basal layer is engaged into the creation of cells. When the cells are matured enough, then keratinocytes can produce the protein which is called keratin. Keratin can make the stratum (the upper layer of the epidermis) strong enough. It also can make the epidermis protected from water. These keranocytes are considered as the major cells which are found in epidermis. Researches shows that a human being losses almost 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells per day. The total weight 9 lbs in a year.


Melanocytes are also produced in epidermis like the other types of cells found in epidermis. Melanin is produced by these Melanocytes. Two types of melanins can be produced by these cells. These are eumelanin and pheomelanin. Those who have the light complexion have a large number of pheumelanin. On the other hand, the dark complexions are caused for the eumelanin. Melanin helps to protect the human skin from UV ray of the sun light. In fact, the number of melanin is proportional to the rate of darkness of the human skin. The name of this process is tanning. The result of the absence of melanin can be dangerous. The skin will be too light and can’t be protected in the presence of sun light. Even, the skin can be burnt because of absence of melanin.

Langerhans cells:

The Langerhans cells participate in the immune system. The cells are transformed to the dermis layer. Then these cells are transferred to the blood system. When the antibodies are free from the immune system, they are fully safe.

Markel cells:

Among the types of cells found in epidermis, the Markel cells are most confusing as not much can be known about these cells. In fact, they are called as the receptor cells. These cells are light sensitive. The most recent studies show that among the types of cells found in epidermis these epithelials because of their origin.

The epidermis plays highly significant role in the human body. The types of cells found in epidermis help to protect the skin in the most uncomfortable situations.

The types of cells found in epidermis are discussed with much importance in medical science.