Types Of Candy

There are many Types of Candy! Candy is a confection that needs no introduction. But to formally introduce candies, they are defined as sweet confections that are made of crystallized flavored syrup. Nowadays, varieties of flavors, sweeteners, fruits and nuts are used in candies but historically the trends were different. The history of candy can be traced to the time when candy was in the form of fruits coated with raw honey. Later, when sugar had begun to be manufactured, sugar candies became popular. Even later, the entry of chocolate into the arena caused the already expanding variety of candies to go through yet another revolution. By this century, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different types of candy sold all around the world. A few popular ones are discussed here:

Caramel Candy

Caramel is typically formed by heating sugar and re-crystallizing it to form a hard, congealed mass with an individual taste of its own. Caramel candy is one of the types of candy that is formed by mixing together different types of sugar with milk, butter and flavorings, and heating it at a set pace to form a chewy mixture. Different chefs make it in different ways, for example, some like to add condensed milk, corn syrup and a dash of vanilla to their caramel candy. Whichever way, these types of candy are simply too delicious for words!

Chocolate Candy

Chocolate, a combination of cocoa beans, sugar, milk and other ingredients is a popular ingredient for candies. Chocolate is used in the making of various types of candy such as chocolate truffle i.e. truffle balls are rolled in chocolate, fudge i.e. confections of butter and milk, and chocolate chocolate fruit and nut candies that are an assortment of fruits and nuts dipped into chocolate.

Gummy Candy

Who wouldn’t have heard of the gummy bears? Gummies are extremely popular types of candy partially because of the chewy effect (due to gelatin) and the attractive shapes they come in. The popular shapes include bears, worms, coca-cola, rings, pizza and even naughty shapes such as penis and boobs! Each of these comes in distinct flavors.


Lollies or lollipops are hard candies splashed with a flavor of corn syrup and usually stuck to little sticks. These types of candy are meant to be sucked or licked. Lollies now come in a very large range of flavors and types such as lollipops, lolly candies, chewy lollipop (with fillings), ice-lollies and many more.

Sour Candy

Sour candies are the types of candy that are present in many shapes; gummies, hard candies and lollies but principally, they are the same. Food acids such as malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid and other less common ones are added in these types of candy to make them taste sour enough for the sour taste lovers to cringe.

Hard Candy

Hard Candies are, as the name hints, hard, highly flavored candies that are the most original form of candy and are created by a simple process. These types of candy are made by a simple process of heating sugar, water, corn syrup and some flavors and colorings to a set temperature.


These types of candy are usually the sticky, chewy and shiny ones in red or black colored strips and especially popular in the Halloween season. These candies have liquorice root extracts with high concentration of sugar and sometimes a dab of anise oil, with strawberry or liquorice flavor.