Types Of Sugar

What are the different types of sugar? Sugar is a common sweetener that is used in pretty much everything we eat and drink. Most people actually say that the term “sugar” is more of a generalized term that is used for any food that is sweet flavored. There are many kinds of sugar. Depending on the food you are preparing, you can choose which one will suit the most as each of these types of sugar differs in sweetness, consistency, composition, and overall taste.

The most common types of sugar are white sugar. This is the regular sugar we use at home and are used in food preparation at home as well. The white sugars are the types of sugar that most cookbooks refer too, unless otherwise specified. This is because they are easiest to find and the cheapest as well.

Fruit sugars are types of sugar that are finer than the regular white sugar. They are the type of sugar mostly used in preparation of dessert, powdered drinks, and even gelatin. This is because they are granulated in a way that they can blend with the natural granules of the said food. Therefore, when it comes to dry mixed food and drinks, fruit sugar is a common choice.

Bar sugars are types of sugar that are finer than the fruit sugars. Among all types of granulated sugar, this is the finest and is almost pulverized. This being so, the bar sugar is also called superfine or ultrafine sugar. In European countries, these types of sugar are also called caster sugar. This type is best used for textured food and cakes, such as meringues. They are also best used to add sweetness to your favorite fresh fruits and drinks that are iced.

Baker’s special sugars are the types of sugar mostly used in baking, as the name implies. They are actually made and manufactured for that specific purpose. Therefore, this type is quite fine and easy to dissolve and melt when combined to food. This type of sugar is best used for baking cookies as well as sugar coating doughnuts.

Next, we have the confectioners’ sugar. These types of sugar are also called powdered sugar because they are as fine as powder. They are very smooth and contain some percent of cornstarch so that it won’t cake. These are sugars that are used when sifting. There are three kinds of powdered sugar, which is depending on how fine they are. Among all the types, these are the sugar that are best used in whipping cream and mixing with icing, given how fine they are.

Although most types of sugar are fine, there are also some that have large crystals. One of these is the sanding sugar. This type of white sugar is mostly used in sprinkling as they produce food that have some sort of sparkling, attractive appearance.

Lastly, we have the coarse sugar. As the name implies, these are the types of sugar that are, well, coarse. They are coarser than the regular white sugar. The main use of the coarse sugar includes fondants, liquors, and some confections.