Types Of Cancer Woman

Even though cancer is a disease that remains as a threat to both men and woman, there are particular types of cancer woman can get.


Brest cancer is one among the common types of cancer woman get and it is formed in the tissues of breast. The common type of breast cancer is the on that grows on the lining of milk ducts and spreads to other parts and is known as ductal carcinoma. Lobular carcinoma is another type of cancer that grows on the milk glands called as lobules.

There are three ways to diagnose breast cancer and the methods are self-examination, clinical examination and mammography. However none of these three methods are found to be completely efficient in detecting breast cancer and hence it is advised to conduct all the three tests periodically. In most cases breast cancers are treated by surgery in which the breast will be removed.


The cancer that grows on the cervical tissues (the organ that connects uterus and vagina) is called as cervical cancer. Human papilloma virus usually causes cervical cancer and these types of cancer woman get is a slow growing cancer. Even though this cancer do not show any symptoms, they can be found out by regular pap tests.


These are the types of cancer woman get on the lining of the uterus. This cancer mostly occurs in the cells that produce mucus and other fluids in the initial stage.


The types of cancer that is associated with the pair of female reproductive glands that produce eggs are called as ovarian cancer and is one among the common types of cancer woman get. Ovarian cancer is ovarian epithelial cancer that starts with the cells that are on the surface of the ovary.


The cancer that occurs to female birth canal, which is also known as vagina, is known as vaginal cancer. One of the common types of vaginal cancer is the squamous cell cancer that occurs to the thin, flat squamous cells that line the vagina. The cancer that grows on glandular cells of vagina is another type of vaginal cancer.


Vulval cancer is the name given to the cancer that grows in the vulval organs such as vaginal lips, the opening to vagina and the clitoris. Even though an early detection can be helpful in the treatment, vulval cancer is one among the cancers that can get fatal.

It can be seen that all the types of cancer woman alone get are associated with the organs that are unique to women. However, among all the cancers, breast cancer is a type of cancer that can occur to men also. Most of the types of these cancers are not that dangerous if they are detected early and appropriate treatment is taken on time. These cancers get fatal only due to late diagnosis and incorrect treatment. Surgical removal of the organs are found to be a successful solution for these types of cancers.