Types Of Cancer Research

There are many types of cancer research which are always in action. Doctors and scientists are experimenting more and more with cancer so that an effective medical facility can be made available to cancer patients. Since the time that cancer was diagnosed for the first time, various cancer researchers are researching at various places in the world. If diagnosed, cancer patients help the researchers to find new solutions to the various types of cancers. Scientists and physicians use the affected tissues and experiment on it so as to come up with the most effective way to counter the extremely unfortunate ailment of cancer. Now let us discuss the various types of cancer research which are helpful in treatment of various cancers-

* Breast Cancer Research- Researchers generally ask the women diagnosed with breast cancer to donate and contribute in the research by giving away the affected cells to appropriate institutions, like the, National Biobank. These tissues will be then tried out in different experiments by the authorities to know about the probable causes and effects of the disease. And then all the probable solutions to cure the disease would be tried out. During the treatment of the disease, samples of the tissues are taken so that various treatments may be tried at different stages to bring a final and most effective cure for this deadly disease. These types of cancer research are carried on in Ireland and are regarded as only one of its kind.

* Paediatric Total Cancer Care- This is one of the most important news in the various types of cancer research going on in the world. In 2011, this was announced as the new research trial for treating cancer patients. Here tissue banks play a very important role in developing a cure for a particular cancer. People, especially kids, diagnosed with cancer deposit their affected tissues in the banks and those tissues are experimented upon. Proper cure is then arrived at.

These researches are very important in medical history because if a universal cure is arrived at, the most deadly disease would be no more a deadly one.

* New Imaging Technology- PET/MRI- This imaging technology which was found and developed through extreme research, helps the doctors and scientists to find out about the most malignant cancers which are deadly in nature. This imaging technology i.e. PET/MRI helps to diagnose various cancers such as- colorectal cancers, uterine cancers, cervical cancers and many more. By diagnosing these cancers, more effective treatment may be developed as well as the disease can be monitored properly.

This scanner has the potential not only to diagnose malignant cancers and other diseases but also explains the various causes and effects in a very detailed manner. Proper understanding about the disease means half-way through curing it and this Imaging technology helps researchers do that.

So these are some important types of cancer research and many more are going on in the world to get proper and a universal cure for different types of cancer.