Types Of Cancer From Smoking

Smoking causes most dangerous types of cancers and here at ‘TypesOf.com’ you will know about the various types of cancer from smoking. Cancers develop in the human body when the tissues and cell grow uncontrollably. All the cancers may be divided into two parts- benign and malignant. When the cancer is at the benign stage, it is called a tumour and can be easily cured. It does not have the potential to spread to the other parts of the body. While in malignant cancers, the affected tissues spread and invade the connective tissues too and hence they are deadly.

Various types of cancer from smoking can be summed up as follows:

* Lung Cancer: Lung cancer is the most common type of cancers caused by smoking. Almost 4 out of 5 cancers resulting from smoking are lung cancers. It is characterized by uncontrollable growth in the number of cells and tissues in the lungs. The sign and symptoms that lead to lung cancers are-

o The respiratory symptoms are- coughing with or without blood, short breath or wheezing.

o The various systematic signs of lung cancers are- clubbing of toe and finger nails, fatigue, fever and weight loss.

o Chest pain, difficulty in swallowing and also bone pain are some other symptoms.

Smoking cigarettes is the main contributor to the lung cancer. It affects the DNA structure causing cancer which is very deadly. If the symptoms may give hint towards lung cancer then it may be diagnosed by performing a chest radiograph. If diagnosed at an early stage, lung cancer may be treated easily by performing a surgery.

* Mouth and throat cancer: Due to smoking cigarettes and pipes, throat, lips, mouth and tongue are vulnerable to cancers. Among the various types of cancer from smoking, throat and mouth cancer occupy the second place after lung cancer. Due to uncontrollable cell growth on the surface of the mouth and throat, it leads to tumours and then cancer. It is also called as oral cancer.

o Symptoms of mouth cancers are- mouth ulcers, red patches found on the tongue and mouth and swelling of mouth.

o Symptoms of throat cancers are- hoarseness in the throat, sore throat, bad breath, coughing of blood, tumour in the throat, etc.

The initial stage of these types of cancer from smoking may be treated with the help of surgery but the later stages may even lead to death.

* Liver cancer- This is one of the malignant types of cancer from smoking which develops either on the surface or inside the liver. Hepatitis C, chronic infection of Hepatitis B, obesity, low birth weight, Alagille Syndrome, etc. are some of the causes of liver cancer. This cancer may be prevented if human body is properly vaccinated in childhood. Hepatitis B vaccines are the main preventive measures taken to prevent such types of cancer from smoking.

* Stomach cancer: Stomach cancers in the recent times have declined due to the medical facilities available but it still occupies the fourth place in the common types of cancer from smoking found in the human body. Smokers are more vulnerable to stomach cancers than the people who do not smoke.

Above descriptions explain the various types of cancers resulting from smoking cigarettes and pipes. You may still prevent these types of cancers by quitting smoking.