Types Of Cancer For Females

Generally when you think of cancer, some types of cancer exist in both genders and then, there are certain gender-specific cancers which affect men and there are certain types of cancer for females. This is primarily due to the fact that both genders are made differently biologically speaking. Leukemia (blood cancer), lung cancer and brain tumors are examples of those types of cancer that occur in both genders and since these organs exist in men and women, both genders can be affected by them. When it comes to women, certain types of cancers for females tend to affect them because of genetics, or other factors.

One of the most common types of cancer for females is ovarian cancer whereby the ovaries are affected to the extent that they need to be removed. The first step usually is to go for drugs or chemotherapy to eradicate the cancer though unfortunately many women do not realize that they suffer from it until it is too late. A large number of women have lost their lives due to those types of cancer for females that affect their reproductive organs and then, spread from there to other parts of their bodies when they aren’t identified.

Breast cancer is perhaps the most prevalent of all types of cancer for females. So many famous celebrities, politicians, artists and singers are prone to breast cancer. Again, in this case, if the cancer can be contained no extreme measures need to be taken but women do not know that they have the tendency to develop such types of cancer for females until the disease has seriously affected them. In such cases they have to get their breasts removed to prevent the cancer from spreading out or affecting them ever again. Usually women come to know of the cancer when they find cysts or bumps in their breasts. That is the first sign, normally, that a woman is suffering from breast cancer.

Cervical cancer is another of the many types of cancer. Though it is not as common as breast cancer, you would still get to know and hear of women suffering from this type of cancer. As is obvious, this is the cancer of the cervix and in case the cancer spreads, the cervix may have to be operated upon. Though it is generally easier to identify cysts on the breasts, the problem with other types of cancer for females is that one doesn’t tend to notice them until they are affected by the disease to a serious extent. Certain types of cancer for females are more prevalent than the others but since these cancers affect the reproductive organs, women tend not to notice them. It is easier to be able to identify cancer in men’s reproductive organs since these can be spotted relatively easily.

In order to prevent any of the various types of cancer for females from occurring it is important to visit your gynecologist and get certain tests done especially if cancer is a problem in your family.