Types Of Business Operations

Where the types of business operations are concerned, these are what help with the operation, and hence, the functioning of the business and the way it is run. There are several types of business operations and these operations are what keep the business running. Think of a business’ operations as you would of our bodies- every organ has a vital role in keeping us alive and for us to be alive, they all need to be able to operate and contribute towards the functioning of our bodies and our bodily system, right? Similarly, the various types of business operations do the same- they are integral to the survival of a particular business and/or company.

One of the many types of business operations is manufacturing. As is obvious by the title of these types of business operations- the products that are sold by the business are manufactured so that they are made and can be sold in the market to people interested in the purchase of these types of products. Every business is involved in the manufacture of different types of products but the main business operation in this case is that of manufacture of the certain product.

Servicing is another of the various types of business operations in which the business, instead of providing a product, provides its services instead. These types of business may thrive because they are good at helping people with something. Some types of businesses that are involved in these types of business operations include those that are involved in the fitness industry. These guys usually have big gyms that are known through the world and they extend their services to men, women, celebrities and other people interested in bettering their physical and health situation. Though they may even produce whey protein and other such products but their main focus is on providing people with their services.

Merchandizing is another of the many types of business operations where the promotion of the sales of certain products is involved. Do you know what merchants used to do before the concept of money was introduced? They basically exchanged goods with people offering certain types of goods and so, that is how the barter system was created. Now merchandising involves the exchange of goods for money and so that transaction and the process of the transaction is what is known as merchandizing. When you buy something and give money to the person as the counter, you are involved in merchandizing.

These are 3 different types of business operations that are crucial to a business’ existence. Without manufactured goods, nothing can be sold. Without services, nothing can be availed and without merchandizing there is no cash inflow or outflow and the business cannot exist anymore because of the fact that the 3 types of business operations do not exist. This is why these types of business operations are integral to the existence of a business and that is also why these are known as operations- they help the business function.