Types Of Business Licenses

There are various types of business licenses for various businesses in different industries. The requirements for each industry would be different because of which there are different types of business licenses in the first place. A person running a liquor store and one running a beauty salon would need different types of business licenses to be able to run their businesses because their involved in very different fields and industries. Hence, there is a need for different types of business licenses for different types of business.

The first type of business license is the general business license which one must obtain if your business is within the city. These types of business licenses can take 45 days to get approval and you would have to renew these every 2 years for a cost of $110 in the US.

Then you’ve got the home owner’s license which is, as the name suggests, for someone who is a sole proprietor, working from home. People with such types of business licenses must ensure that they do not create noise pollution, disturb neighbors or affect the environment due to their business. In case of such disturbances their license may be revoked after a warning.

Another of the many types of business licenses is the employee’s permit. Have you ever seen an ice cream truck parked outside or a hot dog vendor on the streets? Even those guys need these types of business licenses to be able to stand and sell what they make and to do what they do legally. They may be subjected to thorough scrutiny by the Police Department depending upon what state and city they are in. Without these types of licenses it is illegal to sell ice cream, hot dogs or anything else of the sort to people on the streets.

The solicitors permit license is required by anyone catering to orders of goods and services would need these types of business licenses. So, say, if you were to open up a book stores or offer your services to someone in search of a psychiatrist or a fitness coach, you would need this license. In order to get the license you will first be search thoroughly for any sort of illegal activity by the police department and once everything including your background is found to be clear, you will receive approval for the solicitors permit license and can provide people with goods and services.

So as you can see there are different types of business licenses for different types of people and businesses. In some cases the laws may vary from one state to another or from one country to another in which case, though the types of business licenses may be the same, their requirements could be different. Usually, before getting approval for any of the various types of business licenses your premise, background, possibly bank accounts and you would be searched to see whether or not you are or have been involved in illegal or suspicious activity previously.