Types Of Business Intelligence

There are five major types of business intelligence. All kinds of businesses come across the situation when it becomes crucial for them to reduce the cost and efforts engaged into the productions of their output. At such moments, no one can decrease the quality of product only for gaining extra profits. These types of situations gave birth to the term business intelligence. Business intelligence is a term that calculates the efforts and money invested on the production of certain product. Then, business intelligence compares those calculations with the produced output. This analysis helps improve the productivity of business.

The five major types of business intelligence are:

a) Real-time BI

b) Tactical BI

c) Investigative BI

d) Traditional BI

e) Third-party BI

Where, BI means the business intelligence.

Now, all these types of business intelligence can bee further divided into two dimensions.

A) Involvement of any operation business process.

B) Analysis of root cause.

Businesses need to check out whether there are any kinds of operational processes involved or not. Besides this, it is also necessary to check whether the business has kept good focus on the analysis of root causes.

Real time business intelligence:

Real time business intelligence is focused on using dashboards. Besides this, alerting on current as well as featured critical situations in included in this type. Business intelligence, along with the latest technologies produces more fruitful results. There can be subcategories involved in this type. Investigative business intelligence and traditional business intelligence are two added types of business intelligence included into the real time category.

Third party business intelligence:

This can also be transferred using the dashboards. It is nothing but the sole strictures report. Among all other types of business intelligence third party BI is considered as vast and effective tool to use.

Traditional business intelligence:

Traditional business intelligence can be tricky if it is not ripped into three categories. These three categories can be created on the basis of user set such as enterprises, departmental and third party. There are lots of troubles included into this type of business intelligence such as creating the graphs and plotting focal points appropriately. Thus, subcategorizing helps in making the operations easier and simpler.

Tactical business intelligence:

Among all other types of business intelligence tactical BI is the most effective. It is task oriented type of BI that believes on creating effectual tasks on time. You can call this type as little centric type of business intelligence.

This is how all types of business intelligence can be split. You are suggested to make thorough research on each of these types. The information provided above can include many other points. However, it should be noted that the term business intelligence gets changed from organization to organization, from business to business, and from person to person. Business intelligence is helpful for solving many critical issues. It is necessary to include this term into the business if you are looking for the improved productivity. All of these types of business intelligence play the crucial role in any kind of business.