Types Of Birth Control

Birth control is something that is very important in the world of today.

A number of teenagers, adults and couples tend to get involved in sexual activity and they do not understand the importance of employing, at least, one of the many types of birth control out there. The lack of using any of these types of birth control is what has led to the birth of unwanted children and an increase in the number of children in orphanages- simply because their parents couldn’t afford to take care of them or because they could but they didn’t want to.

One of the many types of birth control measures that people are aware of is the use of the condom.

A condom usually has a teat at the end to collect the sperm and to prevent it from entering the woman upon penetration.

Though this one of the most effective types of birth control measures available, there are times when the condom may break and this would lead to pregnancy. However, this method of birth control is still the most widely used one since condoms are affordable, safe and protect both, man and woman, against STDs (or minimizes the chances of either getting an STD).

Then there are certain types of birth control measures that women may take to minimize the chances of pregnancy. One of these is the use of contraceptive pills.

These are extremely effective in reducing the chances of pregnancy though it would be a good idea to consult a doctor if you are a smoker or if you have never had these before. Using a condom and taking birth control pills at the same time would be a good idea and could reduce the chances of a woman from getting pregnant via intercourse by a wide margin.

Another of the many types of birth control pills is the use of pills that extend the menstruation cycle.

Since this is the time around which women may get pregnant, extending the menstruation cycle would a good idea. This way one could have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. Again, you could ask your partner to use a condom just in case. Regardless of the types of birth control pills or measures you may invest in, keep in mind the fact that STDs are quite common and it would be a good idea to also minimize the chances of getting one of these.

If you’re a woman, or a man who wishes he didn’t have to wear a condom and carry it around at all times, the use of a female condom would be a good idea too.

This, too, is one of the most effective types of birth control.

Women can wear these condoms 8 hours prior to sex, unlike men, though condoms made for men tend to be far more effective in protecting against STDs and reduce the chances of pregnancy.

That is why it would be an excellent idea to use the male condom regardless of whichever of the other types of pregnancy you choose to go for.