Types Of Birth Control Pills

There are various types of birth control pills. Birth control pill is also called as ‘the pill’ that is used against unwanted pregnancy. These pills have power to change the working of body. These changes usually relate to the hormones of body that play an efficient role in case of pregnancy. Hormones are none other than the chemically formed substances that manage the operations of various body organs. In case of unwanted pregnancy these hormones are used for controlling the uterus and the ovaries.

Birth control pills are one among the most accepted contraceptives. They are simple to exploit and effectual. They are classed into just a few types. There are two major types of birth control pills viz. combination birth control pills and the mini-pill. The combination birth control pills consist of estrogen as well as progestin, whereas the mini-pill consists of progestin.

Combination birth control pills:

This is one among the most common types of birth control pills. These are consisting of combination of the hormones, estrogen and progestin or progesterone. These hormones are used for the ovulation. Ovulation is the process of an egg release for the period of monthly cycle. It is impossible to get pregnant without the ovulation process since the egg fertilization process gets blocked without ovulation. Sometimes, the hormones inside this pill influence the coating of uterus. After this, it becomes difficult for an egg to get closed to the partition of the uterus.

These pills are available into two packages, a 21 days pack (conventional pack) and a 28 days pack (continuous dosing or extended cycle pack). The majority of the women prefer taking the 28 days pack because it helps them in maintaining the habit of consuming pills daily. Into the course of 21 days, a woman can stop consuming birth control pills for one week, whereas in case of 28 days course, woman can consume the pills that contain no hormones for one week.

There are two subcategories of combination birth control pills. Active and inactive are the two subcategories of combination birth control pills. These categories are one among the types of birth control pills. Active pills are also called as mono-phasic pills since they contain the same amount of hormones in each pill. However, in inactive pills the amount of hormones per pill varies. The inactive pills are also called as multi-phasic pills.


As compared to the all other types of birth control pills mini-pill is considered as less effective since it contains lowest amount of birth controlling hormones. The mini-pill has no extra categories since there is only one mixture and formulation available in this type of birth controlling pill. All pills are active in each dose of the mini-pill. It is necessary to consume one mini-pill daily without giving a break to the cycle. The overall working of mini-pill depends on the consistency in taking pills. Even, it is necessary to consume mini-pill on one particular or fixed time. The mini-pill is considered as the most effective and painless pill. It is one better option among the other types of birth control pills.