Types Of Birds That Talk

There are different types of birds that talk. These types of birds try to mimic human speech in ways you can actually understand what they say. A lot of people are looking for animal companions, and while some will prefer dogs and cats, some breeds of birds are really good companions. They will stay faithful and stick with you both in difficult and good times. But getting an animal companion that can understand what you say and be able to talk to you is the icing in the cake. So, if you are interested in finding out the different types of birds that talk, below are the very best of them:

1. African Grey: this one is seen as one of the most intelligent of all types of birds that talk. They are equally ranked very high in terms of smartness among all animals in the world. The African Grey has two domesticated specie: the Congo African Grey and the Timmeh African Grey. The former learn how to speak at an earlier age than the latter.

2. Yellow Naped: There are different kinds of Amazon parrots, but this one has the best speaking ability. They are noted for their high intelligence and love to sing a lot. So, when training the Yellow Naped, you may want to train them to reduce how often they sing so they won’t distract you all the time.

3. Budgerigar: Also referred to as Parakeet or Budgie, these types of birds that talk can quickly grasp a lot of songs and phrases. But they don’t speak very loud and their voice is not always defined. Of the two sexes, the males always do better in speech training than the females.

4 Double Yellow Head: They are among the cutest types of birds that talk and they equally have excellent mimicking ability close to the Yellow Napel breed.

5. Hill Myna: These ones have good pitch and intonation and are also excellent at mimicking the human voice. They can be trained to make certain speeches as particular time such as greetings in the morning.

One thing to note when looking for types of birds that talk is to be clear on your objectives. Don’t choose them because you want to show them off to your friends and other people but because you love birds and want to have one as a companion.

There are several other types of birds that talk. Below is an elaborate list of most of them:

* Western Corella

* Tui (bird)

* Timneh Parrot

* Talking bird

* Sun Parakeet

* Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

* Scarlet Macaw

* Salmon-crested Cockatoo

* Rose-ringed Parakeet

* Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

* Red-shouldered Macaw

* Red-and-green Macaw

* Parrotlet

* Palm Cockatoo

* Monk Parakeet

* Long-billed Corella

* Little Corella

* List of Amazon parrots

* Hyacinth Macaw

* Galah

* Crow

* Common Starling

* Common Raven

* Common Myna

* Common Hill Myna

* Cockatiel (aviculture)

* Cockatiel

* Budgerigar

* Blue-fronted Amazon

* Blue-and-yellow Macaw

* Barred Parakeet

* African Grey Parrot