Types Of Birds That Migrate

Numerous types of birds that migrate across the globe have a great history of migration. Birds have been migrating for millions of years. However, according to studies carried out by scientists, birds did not migrate long distances. It was only after the warmer temperatures that the earth began to cool and heat that the birds started for long-distance migrations. Migration is a widespread phenomenon. Approximately 10,000 species of birds are classified as possible migrants. The migratory behaviour exhibited by a specific species of bird depends on the latitude. There is a great difference between migratory behaviour of birds belonging to the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to the types of birds that migrate regularly.

1. Great Grey owl

The great Grey owl is the types of birds that migrate for long-distance journeys. In addition, at the same time, the bird is less spreadable in non-migratory movement due to approximate environmental factors. When there is shortage of food from their normal reading region, these birds move long distances towards the southern and western Europe. Such movements are irregular, but not infrequent.

2. Fox sparrows

Fox sparrow species ease the most variable words with four different groups. They breed primary in remote areas. These birds take up for a short migration by opting for the transatlantic migrating route. They take rest on a vessel during their journey of migration. They are also known to have a long-distance migration without a stop.

3. American golden plovers

American golden plovers fall under the long-distance migration category of types of birds that migrate. They often take a non-stop route across the Atlantic Ocean during fall migration. During spring migration, they further go to the west moving through the South and Central America. They reach out to their breeding area, Canada, passing through the United States and Gulf of Mexico.

4. Bar tailed Godwit

This species of bird is known for its endurance flights during migration. They often travel an approximate distance of 11,000 km in a span of 5 to 9 days. They have an estimate and metabolic rate of 8 to 10 times the pace metabolic rate of the regular bird. These birds are known to possess several features that help them to fly non-stop for a long periods. A well streamlined body and an aspect ratio of 9.2 helps minimise lift induced drag. This makes it possible for it to travel long distances without taking a break.

5. Great snipe

Great snipe species of bird falls under the extreme endurance types of birds that migrate by crossing ecological barriers such as icecaps, deserts and oceans. These birds are known for the long and non-stop flights over deserts, seas and possible habitats. They cover approximately 5000 km in 48 to 96 hours. This species of bird can cover 15 – 27 m/s. This is the only species of bird that is known to travel at such a rapid rates for a long distance. They often take frequent pit stops in the beginning for heavy fuel loads before going in for the long flight.