Types Of Birds That Are White

There are different types of birds that are white which can be found across several regions of the world. The following are the most common types:

Types of birds that are white – American pelican

These are widely common in Wisconsin. They are natural fishers with their large impressive wingspan. The American pelican is fun to watch when on air and when catching its fish preys. Unlike the brown pelican that dive to the fish, the American pelican deeps its head into the water and scoops up fish. Most times they fish in groups and can deep their head simultaneously underground water to catch fish.

Great Egret

They are among the tallest of all types of birds that are white. They are elegant and come in two species: cattle egrets and snowy egrets. Apart from their height, they equally have a long longevity as some of them can live close to 23 years.

Snowy Owl

These special birds can be seen in Horicon Marsh and some other regions of the world. They move south during the winter to look for food. Snowy owls are predators to lemmings and a single bird can consume about 6 lemmings a day.

Whooping Crane

Whooping cranes were almost extinct but breeding programs ensured that they survive and remain a relevant part of the ecosystem. They are now increasing in numbers as a result of the help of some people who are seriously dedicated to make them survive.

Their population is increasing steadily at the rate of 4% yearly. They were 100 in 1986, about 250 in 1994, and 468 in 2004 with 214 in the wild.

Ivory Gull

Among all types of birds that are white, the ivory gull is the only bird found high in the arctic. They cast up pellets, particularly those from lemmings, from their food. This pellet casting is predominant only when lemmings are in abundant supply.

Snowy Plover

They are found on salt flats, dry mud, or beaches. They are most commonly found in Africa, Eurasia, South America, and North America. Snowy plovers are also found in North America but only in the Pacific coast and the Gulf. These types of bird that are white are called Kentish Plover in England. They don’t have parental care as they tend to abandon their nest after 3 hours of hatching.

White-tailed Kite

These are hovering birds most commonly seen in savannahs and open grasslands. Though they have largely irregular population fluctuations, it is not known whether they are nomadic, migratory, or both.

White Ibis

They are one of the most elegant of all types of birds that are white. They can be found in the ibises in the United States, particularly in lawns (searching for large insects) and along the shoreline.

Willow Ptarmigan

These types of birds that are white are the opposite of snowy plover in terms of parental care. Their males together with the females defend their nest and tend to attack anything that comes close to the nest. They have brown tails, leg feathers, white wings, orange eye comb, white eye ring, and rust brown upperparts.