Types Of Birds That Are Black

In this article you will find some interesting information about the types of birds that are black. Here is a list of types of birds that are black:

• American Crow

• American Coot

• Anhinga

• Black Tern

• Black Oystercatcher

• Boat-tailed Grackle

• Common Raven

• Common Grackle

• Chihuahuan Raven

• Double-crested Cormorant

• Eastern Kingbird

• Fish Crow

• Hill Myna

• Lark Bunting

• Loggerhead Kingbird

• Northwestern Crow

• Phainopepla

• Painted Redstart

• Rusty Blackbird

• Red-winged Blackbird

• Smooth-billed Ani

• Turkey Vulture

• Tricolored Blackbird

• Yellow-headed Blackbird

• Yellow-billed Magpie

American Crow

This type of bird that is black is large in size with thick neck and long legs. You can find American Crows in fields, forests, woodlands, agricultural fields and ect. On the territory of North America.

American Coot

This type of bird that is black is a plump bird, little looks like a chicken, with bright-white forehead and bill, yellow-green legs. They can be found in lake areas, parks of America.


This type of bird is also called Snake Bird, because it is immersed in water with the whole body except its head. It is large, dark bird with long neck, bill, tail and with silver patches on its wings.

Black Tern

It is a small bird with dark head and gray wings.

Black Oystercatcher

This type of bird is large sized with black head and body, red bill, pink legs, yellow eyes surrounding red skin ring.

Common Raven

This type of bird that is black can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a massive bird; it has a thick neck and shaggy throat feathers. These types of birds live in the forests of North America.

Chihuahuan Raven

It is a large bird with a large bill and middle-pointed tail.

Double-crested Cormorant

This is a large, heavy water bird. It has a small head and long neck, thin bill. It is the most widespread cormorant in North America, it can be found in freshwater. They are building nests on high trees.

Eastern Kingbird

This one is medium-sized bird with a large head, a tail with a white tip, straight bill. It flies slowly. It is a short bird. Eastern Kingbird can be seen in yards, grasslands, files, open places and in the forests of North America in winter.

Fish Crow

This type of bird has standard Crow bird size. They are completely black; they have sturdy legs, square tails. They can be found near water areas: rivers, lake and so on in North America. They may be seen in town and villages too.

Turkey Vulture

This bird is large-sized one; it has long and broad wings, long tail. Turkey Vultures appear completely black from a distance, but if you go close to them you will see, that they are dark brown with red head with no feathers. You can see them on the ground in small groups. They leave around open areas, suburbs, farms and so on.