Types Of Birds Names

Give a letter and there will be types of birds names under them. You see, there are just so many types of birds names that no matter what letter you mention you can rest assured that there are bird names that will come up. You see, there are thousands of bird species that are flying around the earth this very day. And if you are planning to be a bird watcher or get one as a pet, make sure that you are able to get to know many of the types of birds names.

A is for African Grey types of birds names who are known to be very intelligent.

B is for Black Lory types of birds names which are rare species of parrots because of their monochrome color.

C is for Canaries who are known to be great singers and pets.

D is for Diamond doves which are known to be tame and easy going.

E is for the Eclectus Species who are types of birds names pertaining to attractive parrots used in shows and circus acts.

F is for the Finch series that are small colorful birds that can be seen around the world.

G is for Goffin’s Cockatoos which are the smallest one of their species.

H is for the Hawk Headed Parrots, the types of birds names known to be able to shriek and giggle.

I is for the Ivory billed aracari who are birds that are known to be affectionate.

J is for the Java Hill Mynah birds who are active and sociable to human beings.

K is for Kakariki which are parrot species that are already endangered.

L is for the lovebird species who can live very long as long as they are with their partners and happy.

You see, there are types of birds names for every letter of the alphabet. If you do not believe then let us go to the bottom part of the alphabet so you can see for yourself.

Z is for Zebra Finch the finch species that are most commonly seen in homes as pets.

Y is for the Yorkshire Canary who are known to have a stance that is elegant and bearing diplomacy.

W is for the Western Rosella types of birds names. They are the ones that can be tamed at young ages and are commonly petted because of the beautiful colors that they carry.

V is for the Violet Necked Lory, types of birds names that are mostly red.

U is for the Umbrella Cockataoos, the most famous of all species of the said birds.

T is for Toco Tucan, the birds that are affectionate and very trainable.

S is for the severe macaw who are known to be able to learn a few tricks that can amuse you.

There are many, many other bird names out there that you can pet and take at home. But of course make sure that you also know very well their traits and personalities so that you will be able to give them best level of care and attention.