Types Of Birds In Texas

The types of birds in Texas can be of a very wide variety. There are types of birds in Texas that are small and there are some that are big. There are some that are colorful and there are others that are not. Well, if you are going to Texas anytime soon, better get to know these types of birds in Texas so that you will not be surprised when you see them there.

The Rufous crowned sparrows are common types of birds in Texas. They are medium sized sparros that have gray and brown feathers and have reddish brown streaks. They are named such because they have Rufous crowns on their heads. They have long tails and have feet that are pinkish gray.

Blue footed boobies are among the types of birds in Texas too. They are large seabirds that have white bodies. They have brown feathered wings too and their head has brown streaks. They have a bill that is bluish gray in color too and their feet are colored powder blue. They are known for their ability to plunge dive 50 feet straight.

The masked boobies are types of birds in Texas as well. They are large seabirds too like the blue footed boobies. On their wings, you will get to see that there are black edges that are trailing. They have yellow bills and feet that are yellowish gray. These types of birds in Texas can plunge dive too 40 feet straight so that they can prey on squid and fish.

The Lapland longspur types of birds in Texas are the medium sized birds that have brown streaks. They have black crown, throat and face. They are known to have white under parts and yellow bills.

Wild turkeys are abundant types of birds in Texas too. Turkeys are turkeys. They are large walking birds that can be featherless or not. They are known to have throat waffles too and their legs are known to have spurs. In the whole of North America, these birds are the largest.

Sage thrashers are types of birds in Texas that are small and gray. They have white under parts too and their wash is brown pale. They have gray heads, curved bills, and black feet.

Brown boobies are large seabirds too that look like gulls. They can plunge straight to the water up to 50 feet below. When they do this they aim on their prey which includes mullets, flat fishes, parrot fishes and many others.

The Savannah sparrows can be found in Texas too. They are small and dark streaked and they have brown crowns on their head too. Their feet are pink and their legs are of the same color. They are known to have tail that is short and notched also.

Scott’s Orioles are medium built orioles. They are known for having black hoods that are extending onto their back and their breast. They have a belly that is yellow, wings that are black. They are famous for being able to fly direct with strong wings of rapid beats.