Types Of Birds In Florida

There can be thousand types of birds in Florida. Florida ornithology Society records committee lists and identifies the bird varieties into the Florida. The committee utilizes few status codes in order to accept and add a specific species of bird into the list of Florida. Though sporadic sightings are given for different species of birds, they fall under the category of escapees and does not account for the birds that actually live in the state of Florida.

1. Types of birds in Florida – ducks, geese and swans

a. Black bellied whistling duck

b. Fulvous whistling duck

c. greater white fronted Goose

d. Snow Goose

e. Brant

f. Canada goose

g. Gadwall

h. blue winged teal

i. Northern Pintail

j. Redhead

k. greater scaup

l. Canvasback

m. Common goldeneye

n. Hooded Merganser

o. Common Merganser

p. the red breasted merganser

q. masked duck

r. ruddy duck

2. Types of birds in Florida – new world quail

These species are small, alarm terrestrial birds and related to the distant quails of the old world. Northern bobwhite is the only species that gets to see into the Florida.

3. Types of birds in Florida – Loons

Loans are aquatic birds and the size of a duck. However, they do not find any resemblance to the natural duck. They have spear shaped bills and wore black or grey plumage. They are inept upon the terra firma as the legs are located towards the back portion of the bird body. The following are the species existing in the state of Florida:

a. red throated loon

b. Pacific loon

c. common loon

4. Types of birds in Florida – Grebes

These are medium to big in size and freshwater plunging birds. Besides, they are superb divers as well as swimmers. On the other hand, the feet of the word are placed towards the rare end of the body, which makes it difficult for them to have a sustainable grip on land. Following are the species that get to see into several regions of Florida:

a. least grebe

b. pied-billed grebe

c. horned grebe

d. eared grebe

e. western grebe

5. Types of birds in Florida – flamingoes

They are gregarious wading birds usually majoring between 3 to 5 feet in height. They are most found in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. Flamingos feed on algae and shellfish. American flamingo is can be the sole species that get to see into Florida.

6. Types of birds in Florida – albatrosses

These are among the largest flying birds and have the largest wingspan is of any extent of birds. Atlantic yellow-nosed albatross is the only species that exists in the state of Florida.

Individuals who wish to obtain the complete list of birds that exist in the State of Florida can contact Florida ornithology to society records committee for an update about the species of birds existing in Florida. However, one should remember the fact that escapees are not added into the list. There are about 510 species existing currently on the Florida State checklist. It should be noted that Black hooded Parakeet is also a kind of bird that get to see in Florida.