Types Of Birds Eggs

Types Of Birds Eggs

Have you ever wondered why different kind of birds lay different types of birds eggs? Yes, these eggs vary in size, shape and color. There is always a reason behind everything we encounter in nature and is the same for the types of birds eggs too.

While most of us generally concentrate on bird nests when we talk about nature, not many of us want to know or focus on the different types of birds eggs. In fact, most of us are pretty ignoring about the difference types of birds eggs.

Color – isn’t all birds eggs white?

Apparently not! If you explore into the wild you would find that different types of birds eggs have different colors and is so for protective reasons. Since the mother bird cannot be always inside the nest protecting her eggs, these eggs are ready to be exposed to predictors. The different colors that you find on various types of birds eggs are to camouflage it from predictors. This is a reason why you find spots, freckles and different colors on them.

When eggs are camouflaged, predators don’t notice them and this is how most animals in the wild survive and protect their young ones.

Shape – Why are different types of birds eggs different in shape?

Again, this shape and the size of the egg vary for protective reasons. For birds that nest on high places like cliffs have eggs that are narrow at one end and the other. This is to make sure that the eggs and roll in a circle and has many less tendency to fall off the cliff. Birds with eggs that are round in shape, build hollow nests so that the eggs do not roll off. In the same way, different birds have different type of egg structures that is there for a reason. In fact, all animal in the wild needs to protect their young from the dangers of the wild and predators around them.

Hatch – why do all your eggs in the nest hatch the same time?

All the eggs in the nest hatch at the same time because, although the bird lays an egg a day, it doesn’t begin incubating them until every egg is laid. The only exception would be a barn owl that starts incubating eggs the moment it lays it. This is the reason why you see youngsters differ in its age and size.

The next time you are out in the wild, make sure to notice the different types of birds eggs, because each one of them says a lot on the type of predictors they have, the weather conditions it is put through, the species, the kind of danger that they have to face and the shape that they have.

Although, it’s not possible for you to collect these eggs or even sometimes see it, you can visit a bird sanctuary where they allow visitors to see and experience different species of birds and the types of birds eggs.