Types Of Biology Degrees

Because of this, there are a huge amount of kinds of government jobs provided as well, including in the biological field. Therefore, obtaining a degree in biology would be very appealing. There are many different types of biology degrees, especially at the undergraduate level.

Bachelor’s Degree in Biology

An undergraduate biology degree is a sound decision if a person prefers a profession in a scientific discipline. A Bachelor’s degree in biology can surely bring about imminent graduate studies, but even lacking a sophisticated degree a person may obtain employment as a science writer or research assistant or in sales and marketing for a scientific corporation. The particular major that the person selects will perform a role which doors are accessible to him or her following college.

General Biology

One of the types of biology degrees is general biology. It is an apparent selection. In a few schools, this discipline might be the sole biology major available. In general biology, students obtain a firm education in all fields of biology lacking of necessity possessing a particular concentration. This might be a sound plan if a person visualizes himself or herself working at graduate studies in biology; however, he or she is unsure which particular discipline fascinates him or her most. A general biology degree can furthermore be a terrific decision if the person wishes to be a high school biology teacher. Most schools provide this degree with an opportunity for a teaching credential.

Marine Biology

Another one of the types of biology degrees is marine biology. It concentrates on the study of sea-residing plants and animals in addition to the usual operation of the ocean’s bionetwork. It might be a separate major or an opportunity for a particular route in a general biology major. This major can be a sound decision if a person prefers to perform in an aquarium or become a marine researcher; however, he or might require to pursue at least a graduate degree so as to locate employment.

Biochemistry or Molecular Biology

Biochemistry or molecular biology is another one of the types of biology degrees. A biochemistry or molecular biology major would concentrate on life studies at the cellular level. A person would acquaint himself or herself with the chemical reactions within active cells and the functions that they perform for the life form’s complete operation. This major can be a sound decision if a person is fascinated in research. He or she will require a sophisticated degree to perform as a scientist; however, a bachelor’s degree could bring about a sales or administrative job in the pharmaceutical business.


Microbiologists investigate life at the bacterial and viral levels that can have uses varying from communicable disease investigation to public health to commercial applications of bacterial derivatives. Anticipate microbiology major to consist of both organic and inorganic chemistry in addition to genetics and immunology. Following graduation, the major could bring about employment in laboratory research or public services.

Doctoral Programs in Biological Sciences

The highest of all the types of biology degrees is the doctorate. There are various areas in this discipline consisting of pathology, genomics, and genetics, immunology, cancer biology, neurobiology, virology, molecular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, and biomedical engineering. Students learning these types of PhD degrees in biological sciences must endure instruction preparations and numerous laboratory rotations.