Types Of Beer Brands

What are the different types of beer brands? There are various types of beers brands whose popularity depends on the number of drinkers who enjoy the true taste of that particular beer. Each and every continent has got its unique favorite beer. Various manufacturers have been consistently producing unique types of beer brands to capture both the market and to bring in a new taste each time. Beers will always vary from its taste to color depending on the type of ingredients used. They may also be classified in terms of the percentage of the alcoholic content they contain as there those with 5% alcohol e.g. Heineken while others range from say 3% to more than 5% depending on the manufacturer.

There are very many factors when it comes to the popularity of specific beer brands. This may include the price, season or a specific region. For example, Heineken has become very popular as the official sponsor of Champion League games making it to be an extraordinary beer. There are also beer brands that are more or less associated with a country and can thus be used to identify the beer’s country of origin; a pertinent example would be Tusker Lager, which is often associated with Kenya.

The different types of beer brands can widely be classified into lager or ale, a categorization which determined by the kind of treatment given to basic beer ingredients which include malted barley, water, yeast and hops. To this primary ingredients can be added some other items such as fruits so as to give the beer a unique flavor. The above classification is based on the type of yeast used and the treatment manufacturers give it during fermentation. Lager is formed when fermentation is done at low temperatures while ale is formed when fermentation is done at very high temperatures.

Types of ale

These types of beer brands are classified on the basis of color, flavor or the nature of the beer itself such as whether it is thick or light. One example is the brown ale which has a mild flavor and is red to copper in color. Porter is another type of ale which is rich in flavor as it tastes almost like chocolate with strong hop and barley flavors. The third example of ale is stout which taste like porter although it is the darkest and the thickest of all ales.

Types of lager

These types of beer brands are mostly enjoyed by many and are common in almost all supermarkets and restaurants. The dark lager is dark in color as the name suggests and richly flavored as well. It’s made from roasted hops.

Light lager is pale in color and has a very light taste. This is a low calorie lager which is made of a very small quantity of hops and barley.

The third type of lager is the pale lager. Just like the light lager, it has a very light taste as well although it’s highly carbonated besides being high bodied and colored as well.

Due to stiff completion in this market, many beer manufacturing companies have been forced to produce value added products which have unique and even more intriguing flavors so as to better retain their customers. For instance Heineken has recently invested on adding flavors to its products with the expectations of increasing its profits.