Types Of Beer

What are the different types of beer? Beer is a drink that many people around the world love. There are even some McDonalds somewhere that offer beer as a match with their Big Mac! Beer is made through fermentation of a cereal that is malted. Most frequently, the malt used is barley malt and there are no starchy materials involved. Then, hops will be added to the mix to create the drink we all love. There are many different types of beer, basing on their make, ingredients, and fermentation process.

Lagers are the most common types of beer. They originated from Central Europe and are named after the word ‘lagern’ which is a German word meaning ‘to store’. These types of beer are fermented from the bottom. This means that there are yeasts involved are placed at the bottom of the vessel used to ferment it. These are known to be stored in low temperatures for months and some just for weeks. The lagers are known to be light yellow in color. They have high carbonation, too. Also, they are known to have a flavor of mild hop. The alcohol content of lagers can range from 3% to 6%.

Bocks are another one of the German types of beer. Much like the lagers, these are bottom fermented as well. These are known to have taste that is heavier than most other lagers as they are known to have a darker color as well. They are normally brewed during the winter so that they will be ready to be sold during spring. Dry beers are Japan originated types of beer. The word ‘dry’ in dry beers doesn’t not really mean dry. It pertains to the amount of sugar that is unconverted after the beer goes through fermentation. In these types of beer, almost all the sugar that is in the mix is converted into the alcohol because of their long fermentation time periods. The pilsners are also another one of the lager types of beer. They are developed in Czech Republic and are known to have a very distinctive hop flavor.

Ales are types of beer that are top fermented, unlike the lagers. They are mostly drunk in the British Isles. Ales have different tastes, depending on their fermentation process and time. There are a number of different ale beers out there. Some of the most common ale types of beer are the mild, bitter, porter, and pale ale.

The mild ale beers are dark types of beer that are developed in the 19th century. They are known to be cheaper and sweater compared to the traditional variety of ales. The bitter ale, on the other hand, Ale types of beer that is derived from the pale ale variety. They are stronger and are known to be dry and sweet at the same time. Porter is among the Ale kinds of beer that is characterized by a strong malt aroma. They are also known to have the bitterness of hop. They are known to be strong as well and has a dark color.