Types Of Batteries

What are the different types of batteries? These days, we use a lot of gadgets and devices that are wireless. We are in the wireless technology age and the common denominator here is that they all run with the help of batteries. You see, batteries are temporary storage of electricity that allows our gadgets to run even when there is no electricity and wires involved. And this is why there are many different types of batteries that are used for different gadgets. These types of batteries are divided into two main groups – the primary batteries and the rechargeable batteries.

The primary batteries are the types of batteries that are disposable. A certain amount of power is stored in them and once you are able to consume them, then they are done. Under this group, there are five main types of batteries – they are carbon zinc, alkaline, lithium cells, silver oxide cells, and zinc air cells.

The carbon zinc batteries are the types of batteries that are of heaviest duty. Among all these types, these are the ones that cost the lowest, too. As the name implies, these are batteries that are made out of carbon and zinc. The down side of the carbon zinc batteries is that they can only give out low power. Their upside, however, is that they have a very long shelf life. This is why these are the battery types mostly used in remote controls and clocks.

Next we have the alkaline batteries. These types of batteries are usually used in the household. They provide more power than the carbon zinc batteries every time you use them. Also, these batteries have a pretty good shelf life. Third, we have the lithium cells. Lithium cell batteries are the types of batteries that have shelf life of over 10 years. They offer pretty good power too. The problem with the lithium cell batteries is that they can only be good in small sizes, such as the AA. When used in bigger sizes, the lithium cell can be dangerous as they can be prone to exploding.

Silver oxide batteries are the types of batteries that carry a high density of energy. Given that they are made out of silver, they can be quite expensive. This is why many battery manufacturers choose to make silver oxide batteries small and for the use of wrist watches, calculators and other button sized battery operated gadgets and devices. Zinc air cells are the types of batteries mostly used in hearing aids. They are known for their long life but are also characterized by a short shelf life.

The second main types of batteries, the rechargeable batteries, are batteries that you can use over and over again. They are normally used for moderate powered applications such as digital cameras and laptops. The good thing about rechargeable batteries is that they are very reliable. You don’t have to worry about getting your battery drained because you can very well easily recharge them to be able to use them again. There are five main types of these – they are rechargeable alkaline, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion (the one used in laptops and tablets), and lead acid.