Types Of Animals That Live In The Tundra

The tundra is a region with extreme conditions and temperatures and there are several types of animals that live in the tundra. They have certain characteristics that enable them adapt and survive in the extreme weather of the tundra. The rate of biodiversity in the tundra is very low which means that a reduction or increase in one animal population will proportionately affect the other animal population. For instance, when there is a reduction in the number of lemmings in the tundra at a particular year, there will also be a reduction in the number of Snowy owls who take them as food. The arctic fox is one of the widely known types of animals that live in the tundra. The arctic fox has a round body with short ears, and thick coat that reduces the amount of skin that is exposed to the cold.

The different types of animals that live in the tundra have several threats to their survival. Oil drilling and mining is one of the major threats to the continued existence of tundra animals, but the largest threat to their survival is global warming. The permafrost soil melts as a result of global warming which makes it increasingly difficult to maintain a good balance between plants and animals in the tundra.

There are several other types of animals that live in the tundra, including voles, shrew, lemmings, Norway, squirrels, bumble bees, bald eagles, gray falcons, grizzly bears, white wolves, polar bears, mosquitoes, water birds, Ermine, caribou. Pikas, arctichares, snowy owls, ravens, and ptarmigan are also found in the tundra. During colder months, birds can migrate out of the tundra and move to hotter regions. This occurs during winter, which explains why there are very few animals in the tundra during this period than at other periods of the year.

Pika is also one of the most common types of animals that live in the tundra. A pika is 20 cm in length and is a brown, little, cute, and fuzzy tan animal. They are herbivorous and feed on herbs and grass. Pika is a prey to so many carnivorous animals in the tundra which is a major threat to their continued existence. But they have very strong survival instincts as they can live for a very long time in the hole from stored herbs, flowers, and grass. The pika is widely seen in the North American tundra, especially in grassland biome.

Norway lemming is also among the most common types of animals that live in the tundra. They have small features and look like guinea pig. Norway lemmings can grow up to 13 to 15 cm long. They can be found in grassland biome and also have very high survival instincts like the pika. Norway lemming survives mainly by eating grasses and herbs either fresh or stored for a long time.

Polar bears are among the biggest of all types of animals that live in the tundra. They are white, fluffy, and big. Some of them can grow up to 8 feet tall. They survive by eating leaves and are predators to birds, fish, and smaller animals.