Types Of Animals Reptiles

There are four main types of animals reptiles. Basically, reptiles are animals that are characterized by having scales although they live in land. Also, reptiles are the animals that are known to be able to lay eggs that are hard shelled. Among the many types of animals, reptiles are the ones that many people avoid because of their territorial attitude that can get really bad.

The first types of animals reptiles are the crocodilians. As the name implies, this types of animals reptiles includes crocodiles and other reptiles that are crocodile like such as alligators, gharials and caimans. Among the many types of animals reptiles, this is the type that are known to be challenging predators as they are equipped with powerful jaws, large and strong scales, and a very muscular tail.

The second types of animals reptiles are the squamates. Among all types of animals reptiles, these are the type that are diverse as they are composed of 9,000 species. Squamates are characterized by their quadrate bones that are movable. They are also known to have horny scales. Some of the most common squamates include snakes, lizards, and other species of worm-lizards. Among the types of animals reptiles, the squamates have the most variety in sizes as they can as little as 16mm to as big as 6.6.m.

The third types of animals reptiles are called tuataras. Tuataras as the types of animals reptiles that have lizard like looks. However, the main difference between the tuataras and the squamates is that the tuataras do not have movable quadrate bones. During the olden times, there are many different species of tuataras. But at present there are only two species of tuataras, namely the sphenodon puctatus and sphenodon guntheri. They are usually brown and greenish brown in color and measure up to 81 cm. As for the weight, they normally weigh up to 1.3 Kg.

The last types of animals reptiles are the turtles. Well, you probably already know what turtles are, right? Walking the earth since 200 million years ago, the turtles are the most ancient types of reptiles. They are characterized by the shell on their backs. This shell encloses their body and acts as the turtle’s home. They are found all over the world but there are many species of turtles that are already extinct. Hence, these types of reptiles are being cared for and looked at really well by people who are protecting the environment. The size of these types of reptiles varies a lot as well. The shell of the biggest ones alone can reach up to 200 cm and they can weigh up to 900 kg. The smallest turtles, however, are just 8cm long and weighs 140 g.

If you love animals but are scared of reptiles, you should get to know them better. Yes, they can be fierce sometimes but knowing them better, together with the many different species they have, will make you realize that they are still lovable in their own little ways.