Types Of Animals Domestic

Pets and many other animals count for types of animals domestic. When an animal is said to be domesticated, it is said that their genetics were changed so that they can accumulate characteristics of human kind. This is why more and more types of animals domestic are being born at present.

Dogs are the most common types of animals domestic. As you may already know, dogs have a lot of purpose to human these days. From their wild days, dogs are domesticated by making them tamer. There are also significant changes in their physical and behavioral traits. This is why these days you will get to notice that there are dogs that are used in working, hunting, research, transportation, guiding, rescuing, and many others.

Sheep are also common types of animals domestic. From how they are in the wild, sheep have undergone some physical changes so that products such as leather, fiber, meat, pelt, and vellum can be gotten from them. There are other sheep that are used in racing too as well as research, fighting, and even as ornaments.

Of course, pigs are types of animals domestic too. From the wild boar, there have been a number of physical changes that are implemented on pigs so that they can be better used as leather and meat. There are other pigs that have the purpose of being pets, racers, workers and even fighters.

The wild goats are now part of the list of types of animals domestic as well. However, there have not been a lot of changes in them. The domestic goats are used for their skin, their hair, their milk, their meat, and their fiber. They are also purposeful in fighting, religion, cleaning, and as pets.

Chickens are common types of animals domestic. From being just red jungle fowls, there have been physical changes in them and they are now used by people to supply them with eggs and meat. They are also used to produce leather as their feathers are also processed to be used for something. There are chickens that are used in racing, shows, and of course, fighting too.

The Yaks are also types of animals domestic. From being wild yaks, they are tamed and there have been slight physical changes in them so that they can be used in transportation, hunting, working, racing, plowing, and many others. Their meat and their milk are also consumed by humans these days.

There are many types of animals domestic that are made so that they can be pets. This long list includes the central bearded dragons, eclectus parrots, corn snakes, king snakes, sugar gliders, cockatoos, degus, pythons, king quails, lemmings, fat tailed gerbils, gouramis, piranhas, and many others.

You see, domesticated or not, you should always just remember that animals are living things and that you should respect their lives. This being said, you should understand that it is not good to treat animals badly and they should actually be taken good care of at all times.