Types Of Animals Carnivores

A carnivore is an animal whose diet consists of meat that comes from dead or alive ones. There are many types of animals carnivores out there in the jungle and most of them are quite familiar to us since we have seen them in zoos.

All types of animals carnivores have very powerful body, jaws, four or five toes with extremely sharp claws for them to hunt and eat. Although, different types of animals carnivores diet mainly consist of meat and there are others whose diet includes plants as well.

Different types of animals carnivores belong from different families like dogs, bears, hyenas, weasels, raccoons, cats, civits, walruses and fur seals. Different types of animals carnivores are found in areas where there is sufficient food for them to survive. This is the reason why you see them mostly in Australia and Asia and animals like Tasmanian devil and wolf converted themselves to meat eaters.

One unique character of all types of animals carnivores is their teeth. That’s right, the canies or the eyetheeth are extremely long and shaped as sharp fangs. On the sides of the jaws you will see teeth that are as sharp as blades so that it helps them to effectively cut into the meat they bite and cut out a chunk of portion. These animals have difficulty moving their jaws to the sides but their jaws mainly open up and down largely. This helps them to pierce and slice meat.

Some types of animals carnivores walk on their toes while others use their soles. Their wrist is not capable of moving sideways but can only move up and out. These types of animals do not have collarborne which usually limits an animal to move their front limbs back and forth. These animals are blessed with high intelligence because they need to have high levels of alertness and diligence for them to hunt better and will be faster in their prey catching game.

The above two features are the unique characteristics of all types of animals carnivores, and until and unless they do not meet the above criteria, they cannot be termed as carnivores. These animals started increasing around 70 million years ago after the reptiles became extinct.

All types of animals carnivores are known to come from ancestral insect eating mammal. They first evolved as insect eating animals, then started walking on their separate toes and finally developed webbed feet for surviving in water. They were largely found in the northern continent. Out of all types of animals carnivores, the Creodonts are known to be the oldest among them dating back to more than 50 million years ago. Since they always use their claws to catch their prey, they never developed hooves.

If you have a chance to visit a wildlife sanctuary, you can notice all types of animals carnivores and their living conditions. Children among all will love to watch them and learn for their science lessons and know more about them. As parents taking a child to see these animals would be a very good practical lesson for them.