Types Of 3D Movies

3D movie or 3 dimension movie is a motion picture that enhances the quality and illusion of depth perception. Normally the general camera has been used to record the two dimension picture, but a special device o/ hardware is to be used to watch such types of 3D movies. Nowadays with many recent technologies 3D movies are not limited to cinemas only many 3D devices and TVs are now available which gives the 3D dimension to the movie.

The 3D movies exist from a long time but due to its costly hardware and system require producing the movie it wasn’t common in the market. Later in 1950 it got its prominence through American cinema and in 90’s, it goes global with IMAX theatres and Disney themed venues. Nowadays 3D movies got wide prominence and success throughout; with the release of avatar in 2009 the success of 3D cinema reached its height. Many smart phones also offer the 3D service to their customers.

There are different types of 3D movies that are used nowadays, among those types of 3D movies some of them have been discussed further in the article.


Among many types of 3D movies this type of 3D movie use horizontal resolution to store left and right images in a single frame. It can easily display 960×1080 pixels of the image which enable TV stations to deliver 3D content. This is the most common and free 3D broadcasting system. The major problem with this type 3D movie is it requires manual configuration to show side by side 3D visuals.

Top and bottom

This is similar to other types of 3D movies, it has a vertical dimension screen which has been fitted in a single frame. It serves 720 pixels but now from the top and bottom approach it can serve 1,280 pixels. It contains high quality and high resolution picture which is best for sports and entertainment purposes.

Frame packing

Frame packing form of 3D is a combination of left and right eye image in a single frame. This is one of the best types of 3D movies. This technique provides the best 3D picture in a perfect resolution. 3D games of PS3 have been designed in this technique. This service is not available in every device; it needs special paid device to install this technique. In movies, this technique gives you the Blu-ray print.

3D system is no doubt a complete entertainment package nowadays for all but along with entertainment this technology has lots of back draws many people has complained about headache and motion sickness during the show. Due to the 3D effects and close visuals some people go through with some medical conditions which affect their body. According to some critics another major concern regarding 3D movies is it reduces the original brightness of the movie by 88%. The 3D effect makes the movie look dull and sometime cause nausea. Many people have rejected the idea of 3D and said it’s just an expensive technology which gives nothing but low quality output.