Types Of 3D

In the recent past, 3D technology has been advancing at unimaginable rates with most electrical and electronic manufacturers trying their best to achieve the highest quality possible. There are very many types of 3d technology used in different applications be it in gaming, animations, cinema or 3d rendering which is the heart of ay architectural designs.

In this particular article, we shall have a quick overview of the most common types 3D technology used in different types of 3D televisions.

3D is a very fancy technology. How we view the world and how this vision is interpreted by the brain is one of the main goals of any type of 3D technology. It is through the brain that the 3D view becomes possible.

But how does 3D technology used in television work? It’s all about producing slightly different images targeting both the left and the right eye. Since the brain is the main processor, it will be tricked to think that it’s actually viewing a 3D image.

3D technology relies so much on the type of glasses used while processing the images which are to be displayed. There are a wide range of glasses which come with different effects. This may include passive glasses where we have polarized and anaglyphic glasses and the active shutter glasses.

The most common types of 3D technology include:

Anaglyphic 3D technology

This is one of the oldest technology as far as 3D technology is concerned. This type of 3D technology was used even before the 3D technology was introduced sometime back in the 1920s. Its principle of operation is based on colors. When two images are colored differently such that the eyes have different color filters, then one eye will only see one image while the other eye will see the other image.

This brings about the 3D effect. This technology was widely used in the standard televisions.

The passive 3D technology

This type of 3D technology is also referred to as the polarized 3D technology. One major advantage which this type of technology come with is that the kind of glasses used to achieve 3D images are light and cheap.

It is one of the most commonly used technology used in Avatars.

Active 3D technology

This type of 3D technology has been adopted for most home 3D TVs. In fact, most television manufacturers such as Sony, LG and Bose among other manufacturers have currently embarked on this kind of technology.

Although it is one of the best technologies so far, one major disadvantage is that the shutter glasses to be used are heavy and very costly.

Even though different kinds of glasses dominate most types of 3D technology, the parallax barrier technology can be used without glasses but still a perfect 3D images can be achieved.

It is one of the most popularly used technology in many gaming systems. One major disadvantage which this method comes with is that one must be at a certain view angle to be able to view a 3D image.