Types Of Fish In Finding Nemo

types of fish in finding nemo

Finding nemo is an animated movie that is based on the story of a clown fish that is in search for his lost son. Even though it is an animated movie, the fishes in the movie are all based on real life fishes and a wide range of fish is portrayed in this movie.


Nemo and marlin are the types of fish in finding nemo that belong to clown fish species. Clown fishes got their name from their striped patterns on the body that resembles a clown’s appearance. Clown fishes have their habitat associated to coral reefs and live along side poisonous sea anemones in order to escape from predators. Clown fishes and their habitats are well portrayed in the movie.


Butterfly fishes are one among the types of fish in finding nemo with disc shaped bodies and bright yellow colors. When most fishes try to blend with the surrounding environment, butterfly fishes stand out and this lead to drawing attention towards them. However, their peculiar body shape allows them to swim faster and manoeuver easily and to hide in narrow crevices when attacked by a predator.


Blue tangs are the types of fish in finding nemo that has a blue body with golden blue caudal, dorsal and anal fins. The edges of their body are of the color purple blue or blue-green. Blue tangs are yellow in color in their juvenile period and changes to blue by adulthood.


Great white sharks are considered as one among the most dangerous carnivore fish. However, bruce in this movie is portrayed as a harmless comrade like other types of fish in finding nemo that cooperate with each other fish.


Sheldon is one of the types of fish in finding nemo that belongs to the sea horse species. Sea horses got their name from their horse like appearance of the upper body.


Cleaner shrimps are shrimps are the types of fish in finding nemo that are examples of cleaning symbiosis. Cleaner shrimps cleans off parasites from the bodies of other fishes by consuming them and both parties are benefited from this. When the fishes get the parasites removed, cleaner shrimps benefit from the nutritional value of the parasite.


Octopuses are the eight-armed cephalopod mollusk in the movie finding nemo. Octopuses are popular for their intelligence and the character pearl in the movie reflects this feature of octopuses. Unlike other types of fish in finding nemo, octopuses are the fishes that have considerable intelligence. However, the clown fishes are portrayed as the most intelligent fish in the movie for the sake of their central role.


Puffer fishes are popular for their ability to puff up when attacked by enemies. Puffer fishes are very poisonous and are considered as the second most poisonous vertebrates in the world.

Types Of Fish In Finding Nemo

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