Types Of Zits

Zits are commonly known as pimples or acne, it have several different types. These types of zits usually base on skin condition, texture and tone. If you are suffering from zits and want to get rid of them you must know from which types of zits you are suffering from. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the type of pimple you are dealing with, but if you learn more about the zits and the types of zits you will understand the difference and their treatment. Some types of zits are natural and very common while other can be severe and dangerous, some precautionary measures and treatment prescribed by a doctor can be used to avoid such types of zits.

Here are some of the types of zits and their treatment discussed in detail which will help you to deal with your skin problem yourself.


Whiteheads are sometimes mixed with pustules because of its color. It consists of white color, and very small grows under the skin. The difference between pustules and whitehead is pustules are inflamed while whiteheads are not. It doesn’t create any pain or itching, just a small bump in the face. The cause of whitehead is external air and oil cover the entrance of the pore and blocks it. The best treatment of whitehead is complete hygienic routine. Wash your face with benzoyl peroxide and use acnezine cream to avoid such types of zits.


Blackheads are same as whiteheads but just little different in color. The top of blackhead is open, and it grows on the surface of skin that’s why it can be seen and easily removed. The cause of blackhead is the air dissolves with sebum and keratin which make them look black. In order to get rid of blackheads it is important to eat leafy green vegetables or apply jojoba oil to your face regularly.

Sebaceous filaments

These types of zits are not very common, most people don’t even know it by name by they must have seen it. These are sometimes misunderstood by blackheads on the nose but actually they aren’t. These are present in every human; it is a dotted pore around your nose which provides sebum to the pores. Like blackheads these can’t be felt it give the smooth touch to the skin. You can’t get rid of these types of zits as they will come back again and cover their space. They play a very important role in supply oil and air to the nose.


These types of zits are now very serious and ugly looking. It is inflamed and cause when the blackhead and whiteheads get exasperated. It means when someone tries to scratch it, it turns red and cause pain. It is advisable that you do not touch your face when you are dealing with any type of acne. These are not filled with pus initially but can be change into another type of zits if got disturbed.


Pustules are very painful, and ugly looking types of zits, it is filled with pus and looks very ugly with fat white or yellow head. It is hard and filled with lots of pus, it is harmful to pop it up with nails or touch it many times. It can cause infection and will hurt more.